Lionel Tiger — The Brain and Religion

Lionel Tiger, who is the Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers, is at it again.  He has been weighing in on controversial topics for decades and shows few signs of letting up.  He and the neuroscientist Michael McGuire have just published God’s Brain.

I have yet to read it, but here is the product description at Amazon:

Two distinguished authors radically alter the fractious debate on the existence of God and the nature of religion. Taking a perspective rooted in evolutionary biology with a focus on brain science, renowned anthropologist Lionel Tiger and pioneering neuroscientist Michael McGuire — a primary discoverer of serotonin’s crucial role in brain chemistry — elucidate the perennial questions about religion: What is its purpose? How did it arise? What is its source? Why does every known culture have some form of it?

These are the same questions I am exploring in this blog, so I am looking forward to reading it and posting a review.  God’s Brain looks like a promising synthesis of evolutionary biology and cultural patterns.  Such syntheses seem to be fairly common at Rutgers, where Helen Fisher also resides.

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