36 Arguments for the Existence of God

Over at NPR, Maureen Corrigan reviews 36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction by Rebecca Goldstein.  Although I have yet to read it so cannot make a personal recommendation, if Corrigan’s review is any guide it looks to be a fun and fascinating novel.

While the title may be odd for a work of fiction, those familiar with Goldstein will not be surprised.  She is one of those rare writers who has managed to combined advanced academic training (PhD in philosophy from Princeton) with keen literary skills.

If you click the title hyperlink above, be sure to watch Steven Pinker’s interview of Goldstein — this is a cool new feature that Amazon is using to promote certain books.  Goldstein explains that the religion-science debate seemed sterile to her and that something crucial seemed to be missing; she hopes to explore and fill the gap with this novel.

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