The Ancient Astronaut Religion

I have attempted to watch every episode of the History Channel’s series on Ancient Astronauts.  Invariably, a time will come when I have to stop watching an episode because the commentary becomes so bizarre, speculative, and ridiculous that I just cannot take it any longer.

It is truly unfortunate that the so-called “History” Channel chooses to air this kind of rubbish, all in the interest of sensationalism and sales.  It is even more unfortunate that the general public is being exposed to this madness and the speculations of conspiracy nuts who can’t be bothered with the factual tedium of what they contemptuously refer to as “mainstream” or “academic” archaeology.

Over the last century, archaeologists have learned much about the peoples and cultures that so fascinate those who are inaptly called ancient astronaut “theorists.”  This is an incredible abuse of the word “theorist” and it irritates me to no end.  You know things aren’t going to turn out well when the series’ narrator begins every other sentence with “Is it possible that….”

To have a theory, you need a coherent series of hypotheses which generate testable predictions.  You then go out and gather data which are used to test the hypotheses.  A “theory” has explanatory and predictive power based on facts, data, and evidence — not speculations.

There is no ancient astronaut “theory” — there is, however, an endless string of ridiculous assertions made by fringe speculators whose beliefs about ancient astronauts amount to a form of faith.  In this respect, ancient astronaut “theory” bears many resemblances to religions.

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7 thoughts on “The Ancient Astronaut Religion

  1. Jeremy

    The truth of anything is that we know nothing and to ask “Is it possible that…” is asked by lawyers everyday in trials all overthe world so I guess that compromises their integrity. I am not saying this “theory” is even remotely true but even the “theory” of evolution has been passed off as fact for so many years when in reality we only have tiny pieces of the puzzle and claim that we have the big picture. There is nothing wrong with looking at something through a different lense and yes, the history channel is out to make money just like any other channel on television. Don’t watch it if you don’t like it. By the way, there is no such thing as an athiest. See how easy it was to type that last statement. Perhaps you don’t even exist. Maybe there is no theory of evolution either. You know what? Nothing exists because we are really in the matrix.

  2. Colleen

    I’m sorry, but this “rubbish” as you call it makes much more sense than gods, and what ever else bull crap you can come up with.

  3. Cris Post author

    Aliens make about as much sense as gods, which is another way of saying that neither make sense and both are rubbish. All of these things can be explained without the intervention of either gods or aliens. No magic necessary, just humans doing their thing.

  4. Anonymous

    Aliens make way more sense than some “over-seeing” person in the sky that dumb-asses refer to as god. The chances of their being aliens is much higher than the chances of their being one “all powerful” celestial body. Religion is just a bunch of bull shit that is used to make the church money.

  5. Rob

    But there IS evidence – irrefutable, undeniable evidence, left by nearly every primitive (and not so primitive) culture on the planet. You are just choosing to ignore it, which is nothing but willful ignorance.

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