Anglican Bishop Puts Facebook in Mouth

Amidst my own utter astonishment that a papal pronouncement on condoms can generate worldwide media coverage lasting an entire week, I take solace in knowing that the Right Reverend Anglican Bishop Pete Broadbent, who evidently is a power Facebook user and Twitterer, has a similar take on the equally irrelevant media coverage of the royal wedding plans.

Broadbent has been suspended from his pastoral duties, such as they are, for posting the following:

The Windsors and their predecessors don’t have a good track record on the permanence of marriage. But their marriage is their business. I don’t know them, and have no part in celebrating it. I just wish we weren’t paying for it.

I think we need a party in Calais for all good republicans who can’t stand the nauseating tosh that surrounds this event. Never underestimate the capacity of the media to descend into the most fawning deferential nonsense and to rake up trivia and irrelevance until it comes out of their every orifice.

Yes, but the wedding belongs to the family. It’s their celebration. Not some piece of national flim-flam paid for out of our taxes, for a couple whose lives are going to be persecuted and spoilt by an ignorant media. I wish them well, but their nuptials are nothing to do with me. Leave them to get married somewhere out of the limelight and leave them alone.

As with most shallow celebrities in our society, they will be set up to fail by the gutter press, who don’t care about them unless they sell newspapers. And that means hounding them to death.

When the state is paying your salary, as it is Broadbent’s, you can expect your freedom of speech to be curtailed for criticizing certain aspects of the state.

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