Anthropology of Religion Courses

For undergraduates who are taking an Anthropology of Religion course, I have decided to create two categories in the blog that may be of assistance to you.  In creating these categories, I am assuming that your professor treats religion as both a biological and cultural phenomena.

If s/he instead follows the traditional “butterfly collecting” approach — where you study ethnographic description after ethnographic description of different religions and rituals, with no apparent organizing theme or explanatory framework — these categories should still be useful.  They may even help you make sense of religion, which is not simply phenomenological or experiential.

The first category will be a Bibliography of books and articles relevant to the Anthropology of Religion.  I will group these alphabetically and by subject; each entry will have a short synopsis or abstract of the book or article.

The second category will be Book Reviews; here I will alert you to books bearing on the Anthropology of Religion and offer more detailed explanations/assessments of content.

I also have collected a  number of Anthropology of Religion course syllabi over the last few years, each done by a professor offering an Anthropology of Religion class at colleges across the country.  Depending on feedback from students as to whether these might be useful, I may redact identifying information and place the syllabi in their own category.

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