Blooming and Buzzing

Wondering whether this election will herald the coming of a presidential prophet, Harold Bloom is in rare form in this masterpiece of compression on Romney the Mormon. He hits all cylinders at the finish:

Mormonism’s best inheritance from Joseph Smith was his passion for education, hardly evident in the anti-intellectual and semi-literate Southern Baptist Convention. I wonder though which is more dangerous, a knowledge-hungry religious zealotry or a proudly stupid one? Either way we are condemned to remain a plutocracy and oligarchy. I can be forgiven for dreading a further strengthening of theocracy in that powerful brew.

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One thought on “Blooming and Buzzing

  1. J. A. Le Fevre

    In this exclusive marriage between men and . . . money, we continue to vote the interests of our plutocracy. The universe continues to laugh behind our backs.

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