Buddhist-Hindu “Living Goddess” to Become Banker

There is a long and venerable tradition of “human deities” (i.e., rulers and priests) having many possessions, much money, and considerable power.  In a modern twist on that tradition, Nepal’s current “living goddess, Chanira Bajracharya, who serves both Buddhists and Hindus, has decided on a banking career.  As reported by Reuters:

Chanira Bajracharya, 15, has been the Kumari or “living goddess” of Patan, an ancient town south of Kathmandu, for nine years, blessing devotees at the temple and riding in decorated chariots 18 times a year during Hindu and Buddhist festivals.

Now, with her time as living goddess drawing to a close — the young virgin deities retire on reaching puberty — Bajracharya is contemplating a career in banking if she makes grades good enough to study commerce or accounting.

Sounds like a move from the sacred to the mundane.  Mircea Eliade would be most disappointed.  She probably will need a change of costume before attending the World Economic Forum in Davos:

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