Credulity Knows No Bounds

For evolutionary scholars of supernaturalism and religion, Scientology is the gift that keeps on giving. It is almost as if the purpose of Scientology is to prove that the human brain-mind is wired in such a way that belief in the supernatural is virtually assured — all it takes is some kind of cultural prime and people will believe.

The most recent gift comes by way of the Atlantic, which reports on Scientology’s most famous former member, Oscar winning director Paul Haggis. Elspeth Reeve’s article includes this gem, taken from Scientology’s top secret origin story:

“A major cause of mankind’s problems began 75 million years ago,” the [Los Angeles] Times wrote [after obtaining secret Scientology documents in the 80s], when the planet Earth, then called Teegeeack, was part of a confederation of ninety planets under the leadership of a despotic ruler named Xenu. “Then, as now, the materials state, the chief problem was overpopulation.” Xenu decided “to take radical measures.” The documents explained that surplus beings were transported to volcanoes on Earth. “The documents state that H-bombs far more powerful than any in existence today were dropped on these volcanoes, destroying the people but freeing their spirits—called thetans—which attached themselves to one another in clusters.” Those spirits were “trapped in a compound of frozen alcohol and glycol,” then “implanted” with “the seed of aberrant behavior.” The Times account concluded, “When people die, these clusters attach to other humans and keep perpetuating themselves.”

The neurobiological substrate on which all supernaturalisms ride shall not be denied.

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