Daily Devolution — New Category

A good portion of my day is devoted to reading, and during the course of this reading I usually encounter a one-liner or an observation that is particularly poignant, funny, incisive or otherwise noteworthy.  I have decided to collect and post these in a new category called “Daily Devolutions.”

Today’s devolution is a nice reminder that neo-shamanism in the West (“shake and bake shamans“) differs considerably from traditional shamanic practices that some might consider to be more “authentic”:

A shaman from Nepal met a Westerner who remarked how good it must be to live in harmony with the cosmos.  The shaman replied, “The main part of my job is killing witches and sorcerers.  I am terrified every time I perform a big ritual because I know that each time, one of us has to die.” — Piers Vitebsky, Shamanism (p. 74).

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