Exorcising Autistics and Gays

Evangelicals love their demons — which they claim to see or sense in just about everything bad that happens.  All it takes is some exorcism or “casting out” and all will be well.

As I have mentioned in several previous posts, one of autism’s effects is a lack of “theory of mind.”  This in turn renders autistics unable to conceive of supernatural agents, gods, or spirits.  It therefore comes as no surprise that autistics are not religious.

None of this, however, prevented an evangelical in Indiana from attempting to cure autism with an exorcism.  The Courthouse News Service reports:

Uyesugi told the grandma that her grandson “could be cured of his autism by having ‘the demons’ cast out of his body.”

She told Uyesugi to go ahead, and he performed the exorcism with help from Aaron Raby, who restrained Jacob while Uyesugi assaulted him, the insurer says.

During the exorcism, Uyesugi “repeatedly struck [Jacob] on the chest, commanding ‘the demons’ to leave [Jacob’s] body,'” according to the complaint.

Uyesugi also “put his hand down Jacob’s throat, claiming that ‘demons’ were inside causing Jacob to vomit blood,” the insurer says.

And he struck Jacob in the face while Aaron restrained him, according to the complaint.

A Monroe County jury convicted Uyesugi of felony battery and criminal confinement.

Glad to see he was convicted and will be pondering his delusions from jail.

Elsewhere in evangelical world, exorcisms to cure homosexuality are all the rage.  Over at Details, Matt Mcallester has posted a disturbing article titled “Deliverance: The True Story of a Gay Exorcism.”  Ironically, it is these Pentecostals who are ill and in need of a cure.  Another case of inmates controlling the asylum.

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