Fourth Kind Encounters with Ancient Astronauts — The Origin of Religions?

A few weeks ago, I watched “The Fourth Kind,” which fortuitously features Milla Jovavich as the main character.  Although supposedly based on “actual events” in small-town Alaska, my research turned up little by way of fact to support that assertion.  What intrigued me about the movie, however, was the Sumerian aspect (I won’t say more for spoiler reasons).  The movie suggested that the Sumerians either were visited by ancient astronauts or themselves were ancient astronauts.  Because the Sumerian city-states in Mesopotamia constitute one of the earliest (if not the earliest) complex societies, many people believe that the Sumerians have some connection to aliens or their technology.

This what prompted me to buy and read Samuel Noah Kramer’s The Sumerians: Their History, Culture and Character.  Suffice it to say that 125 years of Sumerian archaeology has not revealed any alien technology or evidence of alien contact, and the pre-Sumerian culture sequence is just what one would expect.  Smaller agrarian villages that constitute a culture known to archaeologists as the Ubaidians preceded the rise of Sumerian city-states.  In this post, I reviewed Sumerian religion — which was entirely anthropomorphic, highly organized, and in many ways foreshadowed future organized religions, including the monotheistic ones.  It does not appear to be “alien” in any way.

I mention all this because last night, I watched two separate programs on the History Channel, each two hours in length, addressing the possibility that contact with ancient astronauts (this is the “fourth” kind of contact as the schema goes) contributed to the rise of complex societies across the world, and that this contact resulted in advanced technologies and megalithic structures.  Proponents of this idea also assert that humans mistook these ancient astronauts for gods, and that many religions originated from this contact and are reflected in various creation myths.

I have to admit that all this makes for fascinating (and sometimes thought provoking) story telling.  Although there are many holes in the ancient astronaut hypotheses, I do think that archaeologists as a whole need to do a better job explaining culture sequences, culture similarities, and admitting there are certain things we simply do not understand.  Of the many examples proffered during the two programs last night, I was particularly intrigued by these items:

  • The precisely scored granite drill found in the Great Pyramid at Giza — modern machinists and stone workers have not been able to create a similar drill without using diamond-carbide machine technology.
  • The large, long cuts in granite blocks found in Egypt; these cuts are perfectly straight and of even depth, suggesting that the Egyptians were using large saws and diamond-based technology.

Neither of these items, however, requires belief in ancient astronauts.  It simply means that archaeologists have yet to find the tools responsible for these items and should be looking for them.

Other intriguing pieces of ancient astronaut “evidence” include the Piri Reis map and the sarcophagus lid of Pakal the Great (the Mayan god-king of Palenque), which supposedly depicts him in an astronaut suit and space capsule.  You be the judge:

The final items of interest include the descriptions of flying machines described in the ancient Sanskrit Vedic literature.  These supposed “rockets” are called Vimanas.  If such machines existed, surely they would have left archaeological traces.  To date, no traces have been found.  The same can be said of the old Columbian gold carvings which appear to depict modern jets; these may actually depict flying fish.

As I was watching these shows last night with a friend, I commented that if all this is true and that fourth kind contact with alien astronauts accounts for the origins of early modern religions, my dissertation and book will become considerably shorter.  The genealogy becomes quite simple: (1) the evolution of a mind prone to supernaturalism; (2) a shamanic phase associated with hunting-gathering; and (3) the modern religions which arose from humans mistaking aliens for gods.   I am sure my committee would be impressed.

While simple explanations have great appeal and are quite useful to science, simple explanations that invoke the extraordinary require a good deal of evidence.  I find it curious that these ancient astronauts left behind so little of their technology and that archaeologists across the world have not discovered more evidence of their existence and presence.

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19 thoughts on “Fourth Kind Encounters with Ancient Astronauts — The Origin of Religions?

  1. Bert

    Interesting stuff — I was a big fan of Erich Von Daniken but haven’t given the ancient austronaut theories much thought since I took my first archaeology course back in 1974.

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  5. Starchild

    If your wondering why archeology to date has not officially found more evidence in support of highly advanced intervention with mankind then you need to take into account several factors. Largely that those in power behind the scenes have a vested interest in suppressing this information because it means that they can remain in control and keep human beings uniformed and thus disempowered. The same as modern education was derived from napoleonic times and was designed to create followers not leaders. The upper echelon of society have an entirely different form of education that allows them to continue to be leaders. And if you think that we should search for the tools responsible for drilling holes and lazer cutting precision required to create the amazing structures that remain from bygone eras – let alone the fact that modern engineering with modern super advanced cranes cannot lift the stones in question with the construction of the Ancient pyramids in Egypt, Sumerian Zigggurats and the Ankgor Wat Temples in Cambodia, let alone factor into consideration the celestial alignments of these ancient sites. I think, that you are afraid to look with unbiased eyes because it would mean that you would have to re-evaluate your entire world view. The word religion comes from the latin Root word ‘Religare’ which means that which binds. And it is by following these dogmatic unenlightened ‘teachings’ our potential is limited and we are bound to the ceiling that is evinced in the totality of that dogma. If you are truly honest with yourself and look at the evidence – the fact that the Dogon Tribe in Africa has knowledge that is handed down in verbal stories that Sirius is a binary star system, If you look to the foundation stones which are underneath the temple of Jupiter in Baalbek in Lebanon- a more ancient structure that the Romans Built upon with smaller blocks of stone (although in itself the temple of Jupiter is a marvel). If you look to the Hathors inscribed on the stone carvings in Ancient Egypt. Even to the origins of acupunture being linked to star systems developed in ancient china. If you look to the sumerian creation stories of ENKI and ENLIL and if you open your eyes you will see that the evidence is there. God did not just go ‘click’ and create mankind just as much as Mankind did not entirely evolve from humanoid – primate hybrid. Im sorry but i think you need to re-evaluate because your arguments are definitely not convincing in the face of this evidence that proliferates the planet that points to one glaring fact – we are not alone in the universe and we have not been left alone in the past. In the past we have been guided and instructed and people have worshipped these beings because of their display of technology. A civilisation is markedly recognised by its architecture are you really telling me that crude tools were made to construct these monolithic monuments around the world that are thousands of years old? Ask yourself what level of advancement would be required to conceptualise, design and produce the technology required for these ancient marvels to be constructed??? Don’t make a God out of your intellect. Start with certainty and you will end with doubts. Start with doubts and you will end with certainty. Namaste.

  6. admin Post author

    I wonder how “those in power behind the scenes” (whoever these people might be) have prevented me from finding ANY evidence of advanced intervention at megalithic sites around the world, many of which I have visited. One thing I have found at these sites, however, is evidence of domestic and daily activity of ordinary people. It seems exceedingly odd that I can find traces of domestic living wherever I look but can’t find anything suggestive of alien astronauts. Although you use the word evidence, you haven’t cited any. And yes I am telling you that megalithic structures were constructed by humans using human tools.

  7. Cris Post author

    Yes it was but it’s hard to fault von Daniken for making himself a wealthy man while pimping BS.

  8. Katie Anderson

    You would like Before the Pharaohs: Egypt’s Mysterious History, written by Edward F Malkowski. He provides examples and evidence from substantial multidisciplinary experts that further call into question how it is that we are unable to recreate the monuments of our geographic ancestors.

    I am a supporter of ancient astronaut theories but still feel there’s something missing from those arguments. I just read again today the bizarre reference to the Sumerian king list, whose reigns totaled in the hundreds of thousands, before the flood. Honestly I suspect a massive shift in the movement and understanding of time between before and after the flood.

  9. Cris Post author

    Given my training in anthropology, archaeology, and culture history, I probably wouldn’t care for Malkowski’s wild speculations, which strike me as being akin to ancient astronaut “theory,” for which there is not a shred of evidence. Anthropologists have a fairly good grip on the development of culture going back 40,000 years, and none of these sequences suggest any kind of extraterrestrial intervention or action. Aliens didn’t do it. Humans did.

  10. Robert M

    “Aliens didn’t do it. Humans did.”

    Probably. But you have to admit that after 2 millennia of advancement to current day, it would seem we have regressed. If we had advanced from the era of those megalithic structures, why are they viewed as impossible to build by today’s means?
    Just food for thought, but that explanation seems like going into a basic math class being able to do calculus and coming out not being about to add or subtract…

  11. Cris Post author

    I wasn’t aware of the fact that megalithic structures are deemed impossible to build. Who makes this claim and how do they purport to prove it?

    I do know that the ancients couldn’t have built a modern skyscraper or electrical grid, so I don’t think there has been any kind of “regression.”

  12. Anonymous

    “I find it curious that these ancient astronauts left behind so little of their technology and that archaeologists across the world have not discovered more evidence of their existence and presence”
    Yeah, they could have at least taken some selfies…like, oh my god!

  13. Cris Post author

    You would think that’s the least they could have done for us, and then posted those selfies on the intergalactic webz.

  14. N/A

    It’s the Tree of Life, World Tree, Comic Tree! It’s not a fucking space ship or rocket. Do your fucking research!!! He’s not blasting off into space, he’s entering into the spiritual dimension!

  15. N/A

    Sorry, I forgot an important point. You should consider turning the picture the way it’s supposed to look. The Earth is below and Heaven is above. Not left and right. Again… please for the love of all that is loved do your goddamn research before you foolishly desecrate an ancient understanding of the sacredness of this glorious world we are so fortunate to be a part of and experience every single day of our life.

    P.S. Fuck aliens. And fuck Ancient Aliens the TV show. It’s nothing more than blatant disinformation put together by a bunch of hacks, thieves, and con men. Truth is there are beings. Highly intelligent beings. And more loving and caring for us and our plight than a bunch of creeps spying on us from space waiting until just the right moment to save us… or kill us… or both, right, because I think that might be the point to this bullshit rationale of aliens. It could be either and we have no idea. Maybe we don’t know what to make of it considering it’s all made up anyway. Truth is there are conscious beings with us everyday of our life and we can spend time with them anytime we wish. They actually… tell you what. Why don’t you go find out for yourself. Google Tree Spirit and Shinto, as well as just about any indigenous spiritual practice of the Earth. THEN DO YOUR RESEARCH! AND THEN EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF… It’s not nearly as complicated or difficult as one might think.

  16. N/A

    One last thing. Just in case. I don’t mean to say aliens couldn’t possibly exist. But if “they” do attack or come to rescue us, or both. Don’t be too blown over if it turns out to be orchestrated by humans masquerading as aliens in some way in order to deceive the world. Couldn’t possibly happen you might say? They already are doing it in theory through the entertainment industry… Fuck all those out there who wish to deceive anyone rather superficially or in ways only the most wicked among us could every dream of doing. Again. Go find out for yourself just how magical and wondrous this place really is. And how we have and always will be taken care of by true benevolence and intelligence. And how spending time with them is the most blissful thing in all the world.

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