Gods Who Dance, Smoke and Drink

With a degree of insight nearly always lost on those not familiar with shamanic techniques of ecstasy, Nietzsche famously declared: “I could not believe in a god who did not dance.”

As reported in The Standard, at least one Hindu god is getting ready to dance — at Lord Muneshwara’s shrine the required offerings are cigarettes, booze, and meat:

A deity in India is answering prayers in exchange for cigarettes and alcohol. Now THAT’S a religion in tune with modern society.

Worshippers lay bottles of whiskey and cartons of smokes at the shrine of Lord Muneshwara, a Hindu god who hangs out in Karnataka.

This hard-nosed deity has no truck with the traditional goody- goody offerings of flowers, fruit and sweetmeats that other gods like. That’s for divine wusses.

If you must bring food, he prefers choice cuts of meat – roast mutton or chicken are his favorites.

As has been the case since the first appearance of temples several thousands of years ago, it is the priests who preside over the shrine who ultimately consume the offerings.  They are, after all, the intermediaries who intercede with this cool god.  Sounds like a nice gig.

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