Homophobic/Homoloving Pastors

Despite the consistent and regular linkage between gay bashing ministers and politicians who are themselves gay, I have never given much thought to the psychology (often related to sexual abuse during childhood) underlying this linkage.  Surely there is the hypocrisy, but this is description and not explanation.

Over at Slate, Christopher Hitchens has written about the self annointed “bishop” Eddie Long and suggests an explanation: “[Bishop Long’s skeptical friend] talks as if fevered denunciation of homosexuality has never before been an early warning of repressed desire.” Desire something, denounce it, and then indulge it.  Makes weird sense to me.

Another portion of Hitch’s piece caught my attention — the business of religion in America and its freedom from taxation:  “What concerns me isn’t even the laughable obviousness of his cupidity: the jewels and gold chains and limos and bodyguards. This is all a familiar part of the tawdry business of ‘Churchianity’ now finding loopholes for the rich and venal at a well-upholstered religious establishment somewhere near you.”

Here is to hoping that Hitchens is feeling as well as can be expected; we will miss him when he is gone and will need a new gadfly.

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