Multiple Christianities and Christs

Over at WorldNews, Dallas Darling (love that name) has posted a nice story asking “What Kind of Christianity Should Texas Teach?”  There are, of course, many kinds of Christianities, though the Texas School Board apparently believes Christianity is an essential unity and their perception of this fictitious unity (and false history) should be taught in public schools.

Darling begins by recounting the fascinating history of the Paiute shaman named Wovoka who inspired the Native American Ghost Dance, which was in part influenced by Christian ideas.  But calling the Ghost Dance (and the beliefs-rituals surrounding it) “Christian” is probably pushing things a bit far.  Unsurprisingly, white American Christians slaughtered the Native Americans who engaged in the Ghost Dance and assassinated Sitting Bull for supporting it.  Yet one more episode in the genocide and imperialism inspired by the Christian belief that the United States was God’s chosen nation.

I recommend the story; it is a nice rejoinder to the Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin types who mistakenly believe the United States is a Christian nation built on the Ten Commandments and an evangelical understanding of the bible.  Unfortunately, these types — including the Texas School Board — can’t be bothered with history or facts.

And over at Slate, Vaughan Bell has posted an article titled “The Three Christs of Ypsilanti: What Happens When Three Men Who Identify as Jesus Are Forced to Live Together?”  This true story has a cuckoo’s nest feel to it and would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic.  Too bad we couldn’t have locked Jim Jones, David Koresh, L. Ron Hubbard, Sun Myung Moon, and Joseph Smith in a room together and videotaped for a year.

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