No Hotline to God

There are hotlines at 10 Downing Street, but apparently there is no hotline to God, at least while Tony Blair was Prime Minister.  In a recent interview with Spiegel, the former PM discusses his recently published memoirs:

SPIEGEL: Mr Blair, you write in your new memoir “A Journey” that religion has always been more important to you than politics. Yet you rarely mention in your book how religion has shaped your political views. Why?

Tony Blair: Contrary to some popular wisdom, I never thought God could substitute for political judgment. I was a political leader, not a religious leader.

SPIEGEL: So God never spoke to you directly?

Blair: Your faith gives you strength to do what you think is right and obviously it gives you values. But that’s it. You can’t go into the corner and ask God what the minimum wage should be next year.

If you ever watched Tony Blair perform each Wednesday during Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament, you could not help but be impressed.  The contrast between him and the former US president could not have been more striking.

One gets the sense that Mr. Bush had a hotline in the Oval Office and supernatural sanction for his minimum wage proposals (i.e., lower or abolish it).

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