Pale Virgins and Marriage Offerings

As someone interested primarily in the evolutionary origins of supernatural thinking and how that thinking gave rise to religions, my research does not often involve issues, matters, or disputes of doctrine.  Theologians typically address these things.

However, I could not help but notice these two oddities, which surely say something about the nature of Islam and its practitioners, though I am not sure what.  I know it says something about men, jealously, and personal insecurity.

First, Iran has decided to begin arresting women who have suntans.  Second, good numbers of Arab women are visiting plastic surgeons to have their virginity “restored.”  Surgeons are performing hymenoplasty, which is a 30 minute operation that re-connects the hymen tissues.  Would be brides often need “virgin certificates” before marriage, and are expected to bleed on the wedding night.

I suppose this is a bit better than some pagan practices, which called for the sacrifice of virgins.

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2 thoughts on “Pale Virgins and Marriage Offerings

  1. Missives from Marx

    Don’t you hate it that when you tell people you study religion they ask you questions and expect you to comment on doctrinal disputes? I absolutely refuse, and it drives me nuts.

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