Polish Pontiffs and Politicians

Poland is a country of wonderful contrasts.  On the one hand, you can buy (for $24) a new board game — “Around the World with Pope John Paul II” — that celebrates the peripatetic Pope’s travels and homilies:

A roll of the dice takes [players] around the 130 countries where the pope traveled — among them the Italian Alps, which he visited for clandestine skiing trips. As they land at the places John Paul visited, players collect cards with information on them and the messages he took there.

If the manufacturer makes an English version, I’ll have to get one and invite my Catholic friends over for a pontifical board game party, no betting allowed.

On the other hand, Poles are voting for politicians we can believe in.  As The Economist reports, this pop starlet candidate for office touts herself as “beautiful, independent and competent.”  She probably likes board games that come with messages:

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