Pot-Kettle Interview

This is awkward — a Spiegel (i.e., German) reporter interviews the Iranian Foreign Minister:

SPIEGEL: Mr. Foreign Minister, you are the senior diplomat of the Islamic Republic of Iran. You represent a nation that prides itself on a cultural history stretching back more than 2,500 years. Don’t you find it shameful that people are stoned to death in your country [for committing the religious crime of adultery]?

Manouchehr Mottaki: You come from a country that murdered millions of people [i.e., Jews] during a tyrannical war, and you want to talk to me about human rights? OK, we can certainly discuss the laws in various countries and naturally we can, in a friendly atmosphere, debate the different legal principles.

There are all sorts of weird cross-currents here, beginning with the Iranian president’s oft-repeated statement that the Holocaust did not occur and even if it did, killing Jews is not a major concern.

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