Regressive Evolution

This could be romantic nostalgia for the Paleoterrific or it could be criticism of modernity. Either way, it’s funny.


by Simon Heyes

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2 thoughts on “Regressive Evolution

  1. Sabio Lantz

    Seriously!! I am working a 12-hour clinical today and we’d had a huge bolus of stupidity here today. Ouch! After a day like today, going backward seems like an attractive solution!!
    This really made me laugh and helped this neurotic day. Thanx!

  2. Onoosh

    The h-so-called-sapiens must have gotten a look at what passes for governance these days…or the national parks he was trying to camp in had been closed down due to lack of funds.

    We DO all need a laugh, especially at ourselves: otherwise, we’ll all have to run for office. Now, THAT would be regressive.

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