Sectarian (Biker) Violence

It is no secret that religiously inspired violence has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths over the course of human history.  Sectarian violence is nothing new and shows few signs of abatement.  Radical jihadists have not cornered this transnational market, as was recently illustrated in Vienna, Austria, where Indian Hindus attacked a Sikh temple, killing a guru and wounding many others.  This, in turn, sparked more violence between Sikhs and Hindus in India.  Having studied and lived in Vienna, I find the whole affair a bit odd and quite un-Viennese.

More strange, however, is this gem: a Christian biker gang in California brawled with the Hell’s Angels, stabbing two of them and wounding several others.  Details from the Examiner article are a bit sketchy but intriguing:

The leader of a Christian motorcycle group that police believe is a gang front was sentenced to three years of probation on charges stemming from a 2008 bar brawl with Hells Angels members

Phillip Aguilar, 62, pleaded guilty last week to a single count of being a prohibited person in possession of ammunition. In exchange, prosecutors dismissed three other charges against him, including street terrorism, said Farrah Emami, a spokeswoman for the Orange County district attorney’s office.

Aguilar is founder of the Set Free Church in Anaheim and leader of the Set Free Soldiers, which he says is a Christian motorcycle club dedicated to helping recovering addicts. Police and prosecutors believe it’s an outlaw motorcycle gang.

Police raided the Set Free compound after a brawl erupted at a Newport Beach bar that ended in the stabbing of two Hells Angels members. A Set Free member was punched with a billiard ball, according to police.

Onward Christian soldiers!  The fight against Satan and his minions continues.  Set Free Church members appear to be carrying on the tradition of the Knights Templar, though the Templars never had a website like this.

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