The Anthropology Defense

A Benedictine monk who taught anthropology at Saint Vincent College apparently took lascivious photos of himself and sent them to students.  His attorney has an immensely creative explanation for his behavior:

Father Gruber’s attorney, Sharon Smith, said the evidence at deposition “was taken completely out of context.” It was part of a “dialogue” between Father Gruber and anthropology students, she said. She declined to elaborate, but said sexuality is part of what anthropologists study.

No word on whether Father Gruber was teaching evolutionary psychology or the cultural history of sexuality, with a particular focus on the myriad ways in which celibacy/repression can lead to abuse.

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2 thoughts on “The Anthropology Defense

  1. Carissima Aquila

    It has yet to be proven whether or not Father Gruber actually did what his accusers say he did. Perhaps the pictures found were fixed up by the students as a crude joke.

  2. admin Post author

    It does indeed sound like the legal proceedings have not concluded. If your suggestion is correct, I wonder why his attorney would comment to the press that the pictures were part of an “anthropology dialogue” rather than stating that the pictures had been faked by his students?

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