10 Must Remember Golden Rules To Find Diamonds And More

Minecraft is a sensation, a game that has everyone hooked the moment they enter the Minecraft world. The name’s on everyone’s tongue since the moment of its release. It is setting new records regularly in terms of the number of copies sold even after years of being in the market. Every day a new kind somewhere logs in to this new world that changes his gaming experience forever. Anyone who enters this once is lost in this forever.

Mining and crafting cover the sizeable portions of the game as represented by the name of the game itself, Mine+Craft. Thus newcomers need to know the essence of the game. So, to make your life easy, let us move forward on tips related to how one can find iron, diamonds, emeralds. Speed and safety both matter here!

  • Tip 1: Diamond Level

Knowing this is battle half done. In Minecraft, it is necessary to know that certain things are available at only certain levels. The rarest and most versatile item, the diamonds, are available in layers between 5-12. In layer 12, one will find the most quantity of diamonds. Always pay attention while digging because straight digging might lead you straight into lava, resulting in losing the items touched by it.

  • Tip 2: Lava Equals Loss

Just like mentioned, never dig directly for finding resources, diamonds, or emeralds. Always be attentive for lavas under rocks or behind caves. Always have dirt or cobblestone handy to cover holes and to stop the lava from moving forward. 

  • Tip 3: Be an efficient digger

the biggest hack in minecraft is to have an efficient and well-thought technique when it comes to digging. One should focus on maximising efficiency and reducing time.

  • Tip 4: Minecarts To Rescue

The process of running downstairs and then coming back up is a time-consuming task. To avoid wasting time in this pair Redstone and minecarts. Minecarts automates the task of moving in and out of mines.

  • Tip 5: Safety First

Just like a real mine, ensure that your Minecraft mine in the game is safe. One can prioritize safety by having proper lighting in the mine and by checking for pitfalls and drops.

  • Tip 6: Resources attract resources

Always check the area near a material to find other resources. Minecraft developers have a knack for placing diamonds near the red stones. So when you find a Redstone, always ensure that you check the other blocks.

  • Tip 7: Caves, the treasure island of Minecraft

Minecraft players are of two types, either an adventurer or a gatherer. Caves have a variety of resources to gathered or found. One should always look there.

  • Tip 8: Understand Your Needs

knowing what you need makes mining easier. For example, if you come across charcoal and have enough charcoal, you can mark and move forward.

  • Tip 9: Torches to torch your way

There are never enough torches. Always have plenty of torches around as they not only light the way but protect you too.

  • Tip 10: Have patience

Patience is a significant skill when it comes to mining for resources.

Follow these tips and enjoy gaming!


Kyong Baldwin is a news writer covering politics, education, culture, science and technology. She is also the author of Friday Casting.

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