Bodybuilding Nutrition Bulk Up Or Lean Down Diets You Do The Math

Everybody knows that bodybuilding nutrition is a big part of this kind of sport but most of us still wonder are testosterone boosters steroids which makes us hesitant to invest in supplements that are actually beneficial for us. How else can you get all that bulk or all that toned-down muscles? Going to the gym every day is only one aspect. Bodybuilding nutrition is almost as important as bodybuilding itself!

So how do you make good on your bodybuilding nutrition? Ensuring that you’re on a proper bodybuilding nutrition plan is one. If your goal is to gain mass, then your bodybuilding nutrition plan should be about eating more. And if your goal is to lean down a bit on body fat, then your bodybuilding nutrition strategy should be about discipline.

Below are sample bodybuilding nutrition plans that you could adopt if you want to bulk up those muscles or tone them down for a sleeker look.

Bulk Up or Lean Down Bodybuilding Nutrition Plan


Proteins are the muscle-builders of the body so having a lot of them in your body ensures faster muscle growth and development. It is also an interesting point to note that muscle growth speeds up your metabolism and makes fat burn faster. Thus, in a proper bodybuilding nutrition plan, protein should be at the top of your list.

Meat, poultry, fish, and milk products are the best source of high-quality protein. Chicken especially is a favorite among bodybuilding nutritionists. But if you want to hit the 1.5 – 2.0 g/lb. of body weight, which is the recommended dietary allowance for gainers, turning to protein supplements might be a good idea too. And for those who want to tone down, 0.7 – 1.0 g/lb. of body weight is recommended in their bodybuilding nutrition plan.


As you lift weights, you’re going to need energy and carbohydrates are the best energy source for your body’s metabolism. Carbohydrates can be found in oats, rice, whole wheat bread, noodles, etc. The recommended dietary allowance for bodybuilding nutritionists would be around 2.0 – 2.5 g/lb. of body weight a day if you’re looking to bulk up. If you want to lean down, however, 1.0 – 1.5 g/lb. of body weight, a day is advised.


If gaining mass is the goal, then a good amount of calories, about 5,000 is what you need. If you want to cut down on your weight, however, being calorie deficient is the best way. Consume 1500 – 2000 calories a day for your bodybuilding nutrition and an additional 30 – 40 minutes of cardio or aerobic training to your regimen.

Meal consistency

Well, for a successful bodybuilding nutrition plan, eating consistently is almost as important as the food itself. For gainers, 6-7 medium-sized meals should have you in the size you want in no time. For those who want to cut down, having your body accustomed to 6-7 small meals is a great choice.


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