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Preparing To Meet With A Lawyer After Car Accident

With all the responsibilities surrounding driving a car such as getting an insurance cover, traffic rules, etc., having a Knoxville car accident lawyer is the last thing you would want. Every day, people get involved in car accidents in South Carolina. It might seem like you have lost it all after being involved in a car accident. However, proper legal representation from an experienced auto accident attorney lawyer SC can do you so much good. The advantage of getting a South Carolina based car accident lawyer is that all cases are taken on the basis of the contingent fee. This, therefore, means that you will owe no legal fees unless the car accident attorney recovers successfully on your behalf. Are you ready to meet with your lawyer? If you are not sure of what you need to do before the meeting, then you are at the right place. Being well prepared will help you to make maximum use of your time and that of your lawyer. However, do not get conned. Keep in mind that the first meeting should not cost you anything.

Before the first meeting with your auto accident lawyer, these are the important things that you will need to do:

  • Have a list of all the important information and gather all the required documents.

These documents may include names and contacts of witnesses if any, photographs of the scene of the accident, any ticket was given concerning the incident, name, claim number, policy number and contact information of your vehicle insurer, any medical notes and bills received during treatment and any other document you may find relevant for your case. Read more information about how to photograph the accident scene at

  • Decide clearly what you expect from your lawyer.

For instance, a good lawyer cannot be in a position to tell you the worth of your case during the first meeting. This is because they will need to go through all the data available for the case. You should decide if you want a lawyer who will be informing you of progress in each step or a lawyer who will proceed with the case and let you know when there is an offer.

  • Have a list of all questions you would want your lawyer to answer.

It goes without question that there will be information that you will need to be explained to by the lawyer. However, the lawyer might not be able to answer all your questions during your first meeting. To make sure that you do not forget anything, it is advisable to make a list of all these questions. Some of the questions you might want to ask include:

  • The experience of the lawyer when it comes to auto accident cases
  • How many such cases the lawyer has handled
  • Strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • How much time the lawyer would need before making a settlement demand
  • Have a clear review of all the events surrounding the accident.

This is because your lawyer will require to get detailed information about the accident. The lawyer will also need to know about any injuries sustained, medical treatment, lost earnings, the extent of damage to the vehicle, and many other things.

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