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How Tej Kohli Foundation Has Helped In Combating The Coronavirus

Tej Kohli foundation works with the slogan” rebuilding you,” which realtes to the welfare of people in the world. The community has always served and worked for the betterment of communities. It has invested the funds in strengthening up the human race.

The organization’s research and development sector is working to develop and provide solutions to any health challenge that people face with the best results. The intervention that the foundation is trying to make directly affects and improvises the human. Tej Kohli foundation was established by the Philanthropist Tej Kohli to make the dedicated technology for humans’ development.

Let us know about the ways the Tej Kohli foundations have adopted to combat this pandemic.

  • The coronavirus has affected lives greatly and harmed everyone, so the development of a vaccine is essential. Many researchers and institutions have been continuously serving their skills and knowledge into the purpose, which requires funding from government and private organizations.

The Philanthropist Tej Kohli  Foundation is one such organization that has offered funds towards a project in scientific research. The research project included deep research using the Trojan horse, which acts as a carrier to transfer the sequence coded with the coronavirus genes.

This Trojan virus carries the sequence into the human body, it will activate the human immune system, and the system will begin developing a response to kill the virus. This way, the people become immune to the coronavirus. Tej Kohli has contributed enormous amounts to this project as with its successful completion, a vaccine can be developed.

  • If, in the future, the world faces another strain of this virus, then by changing the genetic code, the vaccine can be updated and provided to the people. This is the superior technology that makes it easy to combat even the new virus strains. It is easier for the body to adapt to this vaccine.
  • The artificial technology backed by the Tej Kohli Foundation is potential enough to trace the virus spread in the areas. By providing the appropriate signals, it can prevent the spread. The robot is designed in a way that it can recognize the cough of coronavirus-affected people. People have to install the application on their phone and create an account by adding some details and the cough that enable the software to identify it.
  • Beating the COVID has become a battle that the whole world is fighting in health and resources. Along with funding for the scientific project, the organization aims to serve the food to every person who could not earn it due to the virus pandemic. With successful tracing of every needy person, the foundation and its team members, along with the grassroots interventions, are trying to help every person deprived of food.

The final words

The COVID-19 pandemic has extensively affected the world in terms of both health and hunger. The poor people have been the most affected due to the lack of appropriate health supplements and food. The Tej Kohli foundation works to improve the overall lifestyle to make it better and provide solutions to health problems. It has funded greatly to scientific projects to help develop the vaccine.

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