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The Ultimate Ggservers Review – Check The Reviews

GGservers aims to provide game servers at a very affordable price. They believe other companies are charging more than they should be and they are not like the others. They aim to provide an affordable server and at the same time maintaining the quality. If you’re looking for cheap servers then GGServers is probably what you’re looking for.

A review guide is available to purchase the minecraft cheap to have the desired results. There is no reduction in the quality of the services. A guide is available to the people to have the benefits. The meeting of the online playing needs with comfort at personal computer is possible.

Overall Score


They are serious in making game servers cheap. They have different server plans to choose from. Starting at $1.5 a month you can now have a Minecraft server that can handle around 6 players with unlimited SSD access. Now that’s a bargain! GGservers are probably one of the cheapest providers out there without sacrificing the quality of their servers. We give GGServers a 4/5 stars.


GGservers is still relatively young compared to other server hosting companies. It’s not surprising that the sizes of their server plans are still not in par with other larger providers. They are only able to provide a max size of 32GB that they say can handle up to 400 players. A server size of 128GB is needed to have a good rate in scalability and GGservers is still far from that. We give them a 1/5 stars.

Customer Support and Web Services

Companies in the tech industry should have a great customer support and web services. GGservers’ web site is very easy to go through. Everything you need to know about their services is hard to find. No unnecessary graphics making all the text and information you want readable. It is a very simple design that works.

Ordering is also very easy, with just a few clicks. You can choose your server plan that shows the server size, number of recommended players and cost per month. You can also choose to go for their Premium plans with more added features. You can choose from where you are, either from the US or EU. After that you can choose other add-ons you want on your server. It’s that easy! Setting up your server is instant! After you have finalized your purchase, the server will be up and running in no time. There are some issues when you buy dedicated IPs. In some cases it will take a while to set up, some running for days until they are given to you.

Their customer support is also very good. Up for 24/7, the staff will reply to your tickets quickly and will do their best to help you in your problems. The staffs are very friendly as well. There are some cases when customer support takes some time to get back to you. And some cases where there replies are not really helpful or just some automated e-mails. Although with some server problems, their service is what you would expect given the cost. GGServers gets 3.5 out of 5 stars

DDoS Protection

GGservers offer a DDoS protection for their premium plans and although not the best out there. Considering their price range it is reliable and able to stop standard DDoS attacks. Heavier DDoS have been known to break through their protection. There is no warranty if ever a DDoS attack gets through, they will not compensate you and will still charge for the down time.

Server Quality

The servers of GGServers have been known to go down every now and then. They use an E5-1650v2 or 2xE5-2670v2 processors, DDR3 ECC1600MHz RAM and a RAID SSD storage which are connected to a 600 MBps. These are not really “Top of the line hardware” as they claim to have. The hardware is only mediocre that is why their servers tend to go down every now and then. The lag is almost negligible and does not really interfere with your game play. GGserver gets a 3 out of 5 stars.

Modpack Support

Their Modpacks are not that extensive and also comes at an additional expense if you want them to install if for you. You can just install the modpacks yourself free of charge.


GGservers is not really aiming to be the best Minecraft server hosting company. They really focus on making their servers available for people who want to have small and affordable servers. Their services are still more than what is to be expected from the cost. For more Minecraft server hosts check out the Top 5 Recommended hosts.

Coolest Tech And Gadgets 2021; Gadget Product Reviews

What is a gadget?

Gadgets are a useful mechanical device or tool. We might also refer to a gadget as a hardware device or an accessory/tool that might be helpful in easier and more convenient use of another device. For example – a joystick for a computer. Some gadget product reviews in this article will help you discover some simple yet smart gadgets for daily usage

Today when technology is rising and setting new bars each day almost every work can be done by machines and gadgets. Gadgets have made our lives much easier and have also reduced manual labor. Technology has played a significant role in our lives and has been evolving for the good. It has improved our standard of living and helped us to connect with the whole world find our long lost friends remain connected with our loved ones.

Some basic every-day gadget product reviews 

  • Mobile phones

Mobile phones have been one of the most important and finest inventions of the human race. It provides us with a sense of safety and security. If caught in some energy or trouble we can reach for help through a text message or just a simple phone call. Mobile phones have evolved among themselves immensely and have become a whole different world of their own. This happened with the evolution of the internet which has the answers to all your questions. Mobile phones provide mental support by driving out loneliness and providing with so many different games, mobile applications, movies, series, songs, and whatnot.

  • Television

TV has been in our homes since forever now. TV provides us with news, entertainment, sports, culture, and all our other favorite channels. TV gives us the liberty of continuing with work and enjoying the channels at the same time. It is not like a mobile phone to which we have to hold onto for the experience.

The above two were some of the most basic everyday gadget product reviews that we all are familiar with. Technology has been rising and today we come across some amazing high-tech gadgets that have amazed us with their performance and usage.

If you don’t have much idea of some extraordinary amazing gadgets, here are some high-tech gadget product reviews –

  • The camera on wheels

A remote control car with a mounted camera sounds like a very convenient option where there has to be less labor work and more mechanical support as it is a machine-vision assembled product. These mobile cameras provide us with many benefits for example if you need a home surveillance camera and don’t want to buy many CCTV cameras that need to be assembled in different areas, these cameras on wheels provide you with the safety and security of keeping a check-in and around. These also work as a hidden camera which might look like a toy car’s part but do their job efficiently.

  • Booklight

Are you someone who likes to read before they fall asleep booklights provide you with a great reading experience. You can fix this light to your book by clipping it. It has a plastic body that comes in discreet colors. You can choose the color, angle of view, and intensity of the light can be adjusted according to your comfort.

  • Smartwatches 

Today everyone wants to look smart and presentable all the time and so almost everyone tries to maintain their health and fitness by maintaining a particular diet and exercise routine. A Smartwatch helps to check your heart rate, give you reminders throughout the day, track your activity, and performs by sampling sliding your finger across the screen.

The following gadget product reviews are provided to give you a short glimpse of the evolving, emerging technology and gadgets which have played a vital role to provide us with a safe and sound lifestyle.

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