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How Can Medium Spirits Of Loved Ones Communicate With You

Dealing with the loss of someone you cherish may be difficult. A psychic medium who can communicate with spirits of loved ones can perceive the smallest messages or signs from the deceased. Your departed dear ones have several ways to deliver messages to you. But, their messages are so subtle that you can overlook or discount them. What to do now? This article today gives you a few common ways the decreased can be trying to contact you!

Via Dreams

When the spirits of loved ones in house visit you in a dream, it often feels more real and peaceful than a typical dream. You are able to control what you say and do, instead of watching your dream like a movie. It is quite common to wake up after you have got a message from the departed. Thus, if you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, make attempts to remember what you were dreaming about. How to make it easier for your dear ones to meet you via dreams? Start focusing on your dreams and writing them all down. Don’t forget to have a notebook and pen by your bed. Then, let the dead know that you’d like a visit from them before you go to sleep. Theislandnow can easily enhance the value of your love life in a very short period of time. It will be really beneficial for you to get all the major welfares related to your love routine. That is the main reason people are adapting to it very quickly.

Via Electricity

Electricity is often easy for dead spirits to manipulate. Once you are thinking of the deceased or celebrating a family event, please watch out for some sudden signs, like a stereo suddenly turning on and playing the dear one’s favorite song, lights flickering, or other electronics just malfunctioning in ways that may not be logically explained. It can be a little greeting from your dead loved ones.

Via People

Have you ever seen someone who looks like your departed dear relative? It looks as though the image of your departed dear relative is superimposed on another person’s body or face. One of my friends was one day walking in a park when she smelled her grandmother’s perfume. She then turned and saw an old woman on a bicycle smiling and waving as she rode by. But, she saw her grandmother’s face, instead of the woman’s.

Via Signs

Lots of different events happen during one day. And none of them stand out to you. When a benign event suddenly draws your attention and makes you ask whether it can be a sign from the spirits of loved one or not, it probably is. Remember that most signs are subtle. It is impossible to have a marching band coming to your house with a clear sign, like “Dad says hello!” Instead, it is much more likely that when you are thinking of your father, his picture can fall off the wall, you stumble upon a card from him that you forgot about, or somebody gifts you a bouquet of his favorite flowers. It cannot be the specific sign you expected from. But if you wonder whether it is a sign and think of your cherished one, then it is a sign indeed.

Genevieves Notebook Top 10 Tarot Decks For Kids Under Ten

Genevieve’s Notebook is a fresh new feature on Tarot Unlimited. It is advice from Genevieve’s Tarot Notebook just for you. Join me each Sunday for insight from my own Notebook. Topics vary but they include Tarot, questions from clients, and common sense advice you can use!

The children can also know about the spiritual future with online tarot card reading through the professionals. There is providing of correct advice to them to have a bright and good future. You can ask some questions from the experts to have the desired results. The meeting of the requirements of children is possible through it. 

This week in Genevieve’s Notebook, “Should children be allowed to read Tarot cards? If so, which Tarot decks are child-friendly?”

In a word: yes! If your children are interested in Tarot, by all means, let them read Tarot for themselves! Children are intuitive and their insight is surprising! Tarot readings for all. The more the merrier!

To answer the second question, I have compiled a Top 10 list of Tarot decks for kids under ten years of age. Why? Because lists are fun to make! Links go to – the best resource I’ve found for virtual Tarot and Oracle deck shopping. There are images! available for many decks. It also has tons of reviews both books and decks. As well a Top 10 list of Tarot decks as voted by the Tarot community each year. And it features Solandia’s Top 10 for the same year (the webmaster of

I have chosen Tarot and Oracle decks based on availability. There are some wonderful decks, like the Disney Afternoon Tarot and the 8-Bit Tarot which are not available to buy. These decks are not included in this list for that reason. they both would be on this list if they were. Thus, these are my Honorable Mentions Tarot decks.

I do not have children (yet). But, if I did, I would give them any Tarot deck on this list and let them go at it!

In no particular order, my Top 10 Tarot Decks for Kids Under Ten are:

  1. Wonderland Tarot (images available at the link)

This little gem features familiar characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It is a complete 78 card deck containing illustrated Major and Minor Arcana cards. I am in LOVE with this version of the Death card. It’s too cute nd so on point! A must have for the literary child in your Tarot life.

  1. Whimsical Tarot (images available at the link)

This a fully illustrated 78 card deck with Jack Be Nimble as the Knight of Rods jumping over the candle flame. Jack and Jill are both Temperance as they tumbling down the hill while fetching a pail of water. The butcher, baker and candlestick maker are the Three of Cups sitting in a wooden tub. The artist is Mary Hanson-Roberts (who you may know from the Hanson-Roberts Tarot deck). The art style is well suited to the theme of the deck in my opinion. A must for the child who loves nursery rhymes!

  1. Inner Child Cards (link goes to the reviews of this deck)

The Inner Child Cards are more vibrant that they appear on True coloration of this deck is at Isha Lerner’s site. It is a 78 card Tarot deck that a child could have colored. The images are so rich and every available inch has a brilliant hue. I love The Wizard, the Ace of Wands, and the Child Earth cards. This deck is suitable for children with a rich imagination who like festive colors. Hansel and Gretel, Beauty and the Beast, and Wish Upon a Star are some of the cards included this delightful Tarot deck. The associations in this deck blow my mind. For instance, The Moon is Cinderella, The Devil is The Big Bad Wolf, and The High Priestess is The Faery Godmother. Perfection. My inner child is bouncing up and down in excitement because the parallels are amazing!

  1. Manga Tarot (images available at the link)

I love manga! My introduction to this artistic style was Sailor Moon. (There’s a Tarot deck for that too.) And while Sailor Moon is anime, not manga, this particular deck rekindles my love for eastern comics all over again! It is a full deck containing 78 cards. The Major Arcana has illustrated scenes but the aces through tens of this deck are pips-only. I would love to see manga style scenes in the Minor Arcana. Oh well. Still the artwork is spectacular and stunning! It is perfect for an anime or manga-obsessed child.

  1. Gummy Bear Tarot (images available at the link)

Would you like a Gummibear? Of course you would! those chewy treats have gotten their grubby, sticky bodies all over this Tarot deck. Published in Germany, the US version is also available. This deck is fully illustrated. Both the Major and Minor Arcana contain gummy bears, or their “hands” in the case of the Aces, in every card. It is not a detailed image deck, but who needs bells and whistle when there are gummy bears? Perfect for the child who loves sweets! Though, this deck is not as tasty.

  1. Tarot of the Magical Forest (images available at the link)

This is a fully illustrated 78 card deck filled with bizarre yet cute animals. I love the depiction of the Seven of Swords in this deck! The wide-eyed animals with large heads appear on almost every card. The only exceptions are the Aces of the Minor Arcana which have spindle-like fingers grasping or holding the item of that suit. There is sense of organization in the color themes of the Tarot of the Magical Forest. Tarot cards that have a “dark” association like Death and The Devil, have a purple background and blue characters. Cards that are more “positive” like The Sun and Strength, have yellow backgrounds and brighter colors. To a lesser extent, this pattern continues in some of the Minor Arcana cards as well. Check out the fox’s robe in the Seven of Swords, it’s dark blue. I’m not sure I would have made those color choices (because blue is my favorite color!) but I think the color scheme works well for this deck. This is the perfect deck for fans of cartoon shows.

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