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Tempered Glass- Safety Comes First

What is the first thing that comes to mind when hear about glass? There are many things that spring to mind like a glass of wine, window pane glass in house, glass on vehicles and many others.

What is it with glass that makes it so ubiquitous in many conversations? One can go on and on about this topic but in this article, we shall focus on kaca tempered glass as it is so popular when it comes to selecting window pane and other glass cases in the house.

Now glass is a delicate object that has to be handled carefully because if you are careless with it then it can cause serious injury to you and since it is important for the house window or anything else, then it can very well break into shards and they alone are enough to give you an injury that lasts for a long time.

Brief Definition

Tempered glass is basically safety glass by definition that is made by giving it a chemical treatment where the process takes place through thermal heating so that it is stronger than normal glass.

It is nearly impossible to tell both types of glass apart but Kaca is quite different because even though it is identical to any normal glass pane but you can see the difference when you start using it for windowing.

Thermal heating is a difficult process that has to be done carefully by the experts otherwise it can go horribly wrong because when you are heating it at nearly 750 to 800 degree Celsius, you can understand how dangerous it can be if caution is not exercised.

However, it is important for the glass to be heated at that high a temperature so that it softens up a bit and the cooling takes place at a steady pace with some texture changes.

This helps in increasing the strength and pressure surrounding the glass where you can feel the softness in texture after the cooling effect is done where you can feel that it has become quite a force to reckon with.

The resistance to impact, changing temperature and extreme pressure are some important positive effects that you can witness for Kaca tempered glass in a big way, which has given it overwhelming popularity in the long run.

Safety’s Sake

People often wonder why it is called safety glass and it is because it is tempered through the process mentioned above and in case of an accident that can happen due to breaking or collision then it can break into smaller crystal shards through which corn kernels cannot accelerate.

This process will help considerably lower the risk of injury that can happen due to the smaller crumbs and this is the reason why big buildings and skyscrapers use tempered glass for their windows.

Even vehicles use tempered glass as they know that it will be strong for them to manage things out for a longer period so all the people that might read this piece can very well give it a try.

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