Complete Guide On The History And Types Of Bangles

Bangle-style bracelets were in demand from the ancient period of time. At that time there were some sculptures were found by people that denote that bangles cum bracelet were a good option for a women to wear in hands. There was a British archeologist who in the year 1973 discovered a statue that was of a teenager gird in the city mohejo daro. 

This sculpture was known by the name dancing girl; this was a girl who was completely nude except that she was wearing bangles in her hands. At this period of time, for the first time, a person gets to know about the concept of bangles.

As time passed, people start having the mentality that bangles play the most important role in the life of married women. Bangles are the piece of the κοσμηματα γυναικεια that plays the most important role in the wedding of a girl, as per the rituals of the families, their significance might be different, but they play an important role.

Bangles are not just available in a market of a single type. There are bangles in the market that are made up of gold, glass, metal, copper. In the case of most of families, the glass bangles are considered as a good sign of marriage and that the married life of a person is happy. No matter in the fact that bangles are important in every marriage, but the material of the bangle and color of the bangle depend on the tradition of the families and also as per the area in which they are living.

Origin of the bangles

If we talk about the origin of the bangles, then the modern bangles are found in the Indus region. Now the question arises how were the bangles discovered? The answer to this question is very simple in the past time a bangle-like style of the stone bracelet was discovered in Serbia, and it was discovered approximately 40000 years ago. It was found that the Denisovan species of humans wore this bracelet-like structure.

Not only this, but they were also found in the ancient Mayan, Maurya, Roman, and Indian ruins. This is the piece of jewellery that is considered to be the oldest form of jewellery that has been discovered on earth. These ancient types of bangles were usually made up with the help of different materials like terracotta, shells, copper, glass, and even another type of material.

Types of bangles

As we have already discussed that bangles play the most important role in Indian customs and rituals, it plays a crucial role, especially in the life of the newly wedded girl. It is considered as the symbol of blessing for the girl. Out of various types of the κοσμηματα γυναικεια bangles plays the most critical role in the life of a girl. Some of the types of metals include:

  • Metal bangles

These are the type of bangles that are the all-time favorite of the girls. In the past time, these were only available in silver color and girls used to wear it with the jeans but now as there are more options available now so they are available in the various colors out of which you can select the best one.

  • Baju band

After some time, even the baju band became the fashion among the girls. They are the antique bangles that girls used to wear on their arms. They usually give a rich and traditional look; ladies usually prefer to wear them at family functions. They are most famous in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Bengal. People used to wear them with the cut sleeves outfits.

  • Choodas

Choodas include the bangles that have a special place in the Punjabi wedding. But now it has become the fashion even the girls of other caste wear it at the time of their marriage. In some of families, there is a tradition to wear choodas for a limited period of time. There are even various options of choodas available in the market.

  • Wrist trinkets

This is another option that is a girl can wear in her hands; this is just a form of a bracelet that a girl wears just for the sake of fashion. They are made up using a variety of materials and also nowadays they are available in the market in various colors out of which a girl can select the best one as per the outfit.

Sum up:

Bangles are the piece of κοσμηματα γυναικεια that is widely used by the people of all the religion as people from all over the world thinks that bangles are mandatory for the auspicious occasions of life, especially at the time of marriage of a girl. There are a wide range of options that are available in the market with various supplier.


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