Do You Own A IWB Kydex Holster? Here Are Some Tips To Protect It

If you own a gun, then you must be very fond of keeping a WB Kydex Holster. According to the review of these holsters, they are long-lasting and have very nice quality, but still, you need to clean and maintain them properly. If you want it to be a companion of your gun for a longer period, then it is necessary to protect it properly, for which you should follow some tips. 

Below mentioned are some pro tips for your best concealed carry holster on the market that you should follow. 

Keep it away from heat 

The very first reason due to which the holster loses its quality is heat. There are many cases in which people try out to change the holster’s shape with the help of heat, which is not a good activity at all. That is why a person should keep in mind that they should keep the holster away from the heat. Some other facts to keep in mind regarding heat are:-

  • While hanging your holster, you should position it properly; otherwise, it may get exposed to heat, and its quality will decrease over time. 
  • When you leave the holster in your care, then never leave it on the dashboard. Whether it is sunny or warm, the place near the dashboard is warm; that is why try to keep it near the AC where it stays cool. 
  • You must never leave it in direct sunlight as exposure to light can make it loose easily, and it may not fit your gun properly. 
  • While storing, you should always choose a place that is dark and cool to maintain its life. 

Keep removing the dirt and grit from the holster

If you are a sporty person and loves to carry your holster with you all the time, then you must know that it gets prone to dirt and dust. That is why it is your duty that you keep removing all the dirt and dust from your holster every day. It will not let it deposit in the leather ores and maintain the perfect shine like a new one always. 

Keep tightening the covers and hardware

After using for some time, the covers of the holsters get loosened, which most people ignore. If this loosening of covers and hardware is noticed at a perfect time and corrected, it will be the best. Otherwise, the holster of yours will take a permanent shape and later on, you will face the issue of fitting your gun into that holster. You can see the guide to see that how you should fix your holster and tighten it. 

Take care while washing 

The final protection measure that you should keep in mind is washing. There is a mistake made by many people that when they are washing the holster. They start using hard stuff on the soft leather holster, due to which the material may get dull, and its shine starts to lose. When they start washing the holster, they start dipping it in water, due to which the shape may deform. 

That is why while washing, the temperature of the water should always be cold. Along with that, the materials you use must be soft enough that they don’t harm the holster material at all. 

The final wordings 

These are the best tips that you should keep in mind when you own an IWB Kydex Hostler. No matter how high your hostler’s quality is, if you don’t take care of it properly, it will lose its shelf life. 


Kyong Baldwin is a news writer covering politics, education, culture, science and technology. She is also the author of Friday Casting.

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