Everything You Should Know About Turkish Lentil Soup And How To Prepare It

People work day and night to create a life where they enjoy every moment with their family and friends. Food is a very important thing which motivates many people to work harder. Some people are not stuck on the food presented in their culture or country and find places where food from other countries is available. It is advised to try different cuisines because you do not know which cuisines you might love. One of the most loved soups by many people is turkish lentil soup, which gives a different taste and experience to the person having it.

Why should you have soup before a meal?

Soup is very famous among people in the winter season because it can warm their stomachs and let them enjoy something light and delicious. Most people do not have soup in summer because it should be taken as a hot beverage, which might be difficult for some people. Apart from the winter factor, there are many reasons why soup is beneficial for your health. The first reason is the warmth offered in the soup, which does fill your stomach neither so much nor so less. 

The second reason is the ingredients, which are 100% healthy. You get the best nutrients and minerals through soup. The third reason is the cost factor, which is very reasonable in the case of soup. The best deal is ready because you get a healthy meal at a reasonable price. Even if you are not feeling like going out for soup, you can easily prepare it at home. The ingredients can be easily found at home and can be prepared within a few minutes. 

What is the procedure to make lentil soup in the Turkish way?

When you are a soup lover, it is good to try soup from different countries to enjoy different tastes. The first step is to collect the ingredients. Once you have collected the ingredients, you are ready to prepare the soup. You have to take a vessel in which you put olive oil and heat it for a little time. If you are not a fan of olive oil, you can also use butter to soften the veggies. Now, take the onion and carrot, dice them into small pieces, and put them in the vessel. If you are using tomato paste, add it with the onion and carrot. After the tomato paste is perfectly mixed with the veggies, you have to add cumin and your favorite pepper and cook it slightly. 

Once you see the veggies are getting soft, it is time to add lentils, stock, and potato or any other veggies with it. For approximately fifteen minutes, you let the lentils get warm and mix them perfectly with the other ingredients. Now it is time to puree the soup by the method you feel comfortable with. It is advised to divide the batch if you want to puree the soup properly. It is time to taste the soup and judge the taste and add if something is missing. If everything is good, it is time to serve the soup. 

How to make your lentil soup different?

When you know about a certain dish, you try to make it just like the given recipe. This happens when you have heard about a dish for the first time. After getting the taste of the same soup for a long, you might get bored. This happens in the case of soup a lot because it is easy to prepare. Cooking is the best time to bring out the creative person in you so that you can invent something on your own. The soup, which is olive oil or butter, can be changed to chili oil. This one can be done by people who love eating spicy food. It is very easy to make chili oil. 

After the soup is prepared normally, you have to cook butter and chili together and pour the mixture into the soup. In the basic recipe of lentil soup, there is no role of garlic. But it is a well-known fact that garlic contains many flavors, which is why you can add it to your soup. The veggies can be changed according to the choice of the person.

What is the reason behind the popularity of lentil soup?

After the restaurant business has become so popular, people can enjoy dishes originated from other places. They can enjoy the original recipe or get it made how they like. Soup is as it is very popular among people because of several reasons. The factor that it is very healthy and prevents your stomach from going hungry is one reason why soup is so much in demand. Turkey’s lentil soup has also become very popular because of the variety of tastes to the person having it. 

Another reason behind their popularity is the rich ingredients it contains. The veggies are very rich in minerals and nutrients, which make your body healthy and mind sharp. You are also free to add your favorite vegetables to make your soup more enjoyable. Apart from the vegetables, lentils stand out in the soup because of their flavor and taste. Some people also add mints to make the soup refreshing whenever you decide to have it. The flavors of lemon and seasoning make the soup whole and make the person fresh while enjoying the soup. 


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