Firewood- Burning Log for Purpose

The headline would definitely surprise certain folks for obvious reasons because firewood is not really taken up as a topic to write down articles even though its importance is quite well known but the younger gen folk need to improve their knowledge regarding the same.

We also know how important fuel is in current times apart from vehicles, it is also used for running the kitchen fire but firewood is something different that we shall see in a while.

Καυσόξυλα is seen has a hard bound log that is used for heating that we see in branch format but while both seasoned and unseasoned are important it is the former that is preferred even though the latter is just as significant.

Resourceful Material

There are two types of resources known to mankind- renewable and non-renewable where the former can be used many times while the latter not more than that and it is this basic difference that sets them apart.

A few examples of renewable resources are solar energy, hydro energy, etc. while non –renewable ones include coal, nuclear energy, oil, natural gas, etc. to name a few but firewood is a renewable resource, which is why it is such an important one to be included in discussions.

Firewood is easy to shop nowadays due to online shopping being such a practiced norm in the past decade or so one can see how useful it has become in current times ever since the corona virus pandemic broke out last year.

Firewood is a resourceful material in true sense but if you want to buy significant ones then there is a good firewood center available online by the name of, which many people consider as the one stop shop for firewood and most people buy it from there only.

There is an underlying fact regarding this website and it is totally in Greek language, which makes it quite difficult for English speakers to gauge what is written and most folks are quite lazy to try out Google translate with very little impatience to translate and read everything along with little time.

Harvest Culture

Collecting firewood is quite necessary for harvesting and the method involved is quite a hectic task along with the fact that various countries have their own way of harvesting culture that are as different from each other as chalk and cheese.

Take the example of Australia, it is quite a task to collect firewood and it is primarily done from eucalyptus and pine trees where the season is fully occupied where you can find the fallen branches that are leftover being eaten by termites where they decay badly.

The rots are not good for health and it is quite dangerous for such trees to be grown near human civilization while in US and Canada you have forests in close quarters where you can prepare and store it in the go down to be transported to the cities.

Firewood is kept in simple stacks where you can identify the logs easily from the piles.


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