Great SoundCloud Techniques for Increasing Plays

SoundCloud is the world’s largest and most influential online music platform. They’ve changed how we think about internet music distribution. They provide independent musicians with the necessary space for DIY music promotion. They do, however, provide a plethora of other important tools. Using them correctly can help your project gain traction and gain SoundCloud plays from the people that matter.

One of the most effective methods is to tag your music. When a listener searches SoundCloud, tagging makes you visible. The better your tags, the easier it will be to locate you. Being truthful is the greatest approach to tag. Set the main genre to Drum & Bass if you create a drum & bass track. Tags can also include moods and a place. It’s all beneficial. To keep things simple, stick to one core genre. Adding a slew of genres won’t improve your track’s discoverability. The more succinct and exact your tags are, the easier it will be for people who want to hear your music to find it. It’s good to have likes and listens. Likes and listens, on the other hand, aren’t going to get you that new microphone you’ve been seeking. Fortunately, SoundCloud allows you to include a “Buy” link in your track upload. When uploading, simply select the ‘Metadata’ option. To get some more streaming power, switch it to Stream on Spotify and link. Alternatively, put ‘Donate’ and include a link to a Patreon or PayPal account or buy plays on Soundcloud. You’d be astonished at how many super-fans there are out there who will back your music.

Fans can leave comments on your ringtone on SoundCloud. Who else should be commenting on the waveform, though? IT’S YOU! Use the waveform comments to explain your process to your fans and community. Be open and honest about how you created your music. Inquire about certain areas and ask for feedback. Your artwork will appear if your track is posted on a blog. When you share a tune to Facebook, the album image is also shared. Wherever your music goes, your album covers or single artwork reflects it. As a result, it’s critical. The artwork associated with your track must shine out before anyone presses play. So make the most of it and pick anything which represents both your music and yourself. Wherever your production goes, your album covers or track design reflects it.

It’s ideal for sharing completed tracks with producers, submitting demos to labels or blogs, and reaching out to other venues for exclusives, such as radio stations. Giving your music a special touch and a sense of luxury by sharing a private link is a terrific way to reach out to trendsetters. It’s very simple to accomplish. Simply upload a music and make it private. Go to your biography and save it. Click the ‘share’ button underneath the waveform on the track you wish to share privately. You’ll discover a private share URL that’s specific to your song! If you want to share your complete new album, you may even make the entire collection private.


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