HGH Supplements- High End Uses

The human body is a complicated machine that can perform functions that no other machine can do with numerous organs that perform their respective tasks to keep the immune system going so that the body can stay fit and healthy.

This topic is about Human Growth Hormones (HGH) where you are going to have some interesting queries being clarified because hormones are totally different from what an average person knows about it.

The human body comprises of hormones where we witness changes as we grow and attain puberty so there’s nothing much to get into the technical aspects of it but still we have readers that are curious to understand what HGH is all about because it involves certain supplements similar to protein ones.

Changed Process

The hormonal imbalance is a common trait found in most people when age catches up with them where you have to manage things carefully because this imbalance can sometimes lead to chronic issues that we shall look into.

HGH for sale is a term that people that are experts on hormones would be familiar with but it goes without saying that stimulating growth brings a changed process in the functioning of a body and how it works as long as it can.

Hormones are secreted in the pituitary glands located in the brain that makes the body grow physically but if there is an excessive secretion, the body continues to grow at a rapid phase even after you have crossed adolescence.

This lethal condition is called acromegaly and the only way to stall it is through surgery otherwise it can lead to premature death along with a painful life when the joints are no longer able to sustain the weight of your bones.

Two well known celebrities that suffer from this grave condition are WWE wrestlers Andre the Giant and Big Show, who attained their gigantic size due to Acromegaly where the latter underwent surgery that halted the progress of his growth while the former ignored it and paid the price with his life.

HGH was used in synthetic format during the 1980s when FDA gave its stamp of approval to be used on children and adults where folks that were of short stature would be injected with a necessary dosage so that they would grow a little in size.

New Points

HGH injections were also used for treating chronic kidney ailment, insufficient secretion, hormonal imbalance or some hereditary condition that would be helpful for children.

AIDS weakens the muscles of patients and therefore HGH was a good remedy for such people along with irritable bowel syndrome where people could not have a bowel movement due to constipation.

It might sound odd to many readers but it is true as it has been a proven fact but there are certain side effects that are in the bargain like joint pain, inflammation due to excessive fluid in the body, irritable and numb skin, high sugar and cholesterol, etc.

Therefore, make sure to consult doctor or a specialist before administering yourself with HGH to be on the safer side.


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