How long marijuana is to normally stay in your body?

Marijuana or weed has several effects and influences on body. This is why so many people decide to use this product according to their preference and wish. Once you smoke marijuana, then it is likely to stay in your body for few days. The duration is to be different from person to person depending on various factors. If you are going to explore as to how to pass drug test for marijuana then you really need to know how long it stays in your system.  

Marijuana is supposed to be detectable in your body for 1 to 30 days after your last use. But it is to be detectable in your hair for few months. The detection window of marijuana is to largely depend on how much or how often you are to ingest or smoke. More the amount or higher frequency, larger will be the detection period for the obvious reasons. If you use marijuana regularly, then your body is to have marijuana substances for few months to say the least. 

How long this is to be detectable through drug testing?

There are different kinds of drug testing for marijuana done. Different methods are to detect marijuana for different period of time. 

  • Urine testing

For occasional marijuana user, the marijuana can be detected through urine for 3 days maximum. For moderate and chronic users it is 1 week and 2 week respectively. But in case of chronic marijuana users, the detectable weed is to be found in their system for 30 days. 

  • Blood testing

In case of blood testing, weed is normally supposed to be found for 1 to 2 days but exceptions are always there as in some cases this window period could be 20-25 days. For the chronic heavy users, the length of time is higher for the definite reasons.

  • Saliva testing

In case of saliva testing, marijuana substances are normally supposed to be detectable for around 1-3 days for occasional users. For the chronic users this time frame could be even 1 month depending on different factors. 

  • Hair testing

This is such a testing where weed substances are to last for longest period. Normally, the time frame for hair testing is 90 days. The trace amounts are to remain in their hair follicle even for longer duration.

Factor affecting the period for which marijuana stays in your system

There are different essential factors that affect how long marijuana will stay in your system. Few of the factors in this regard are age, sex, body mass index of the users. On the other hand, the quality, amount and frequency of taking marijuana are also to affect this matter. 

Moreover, if you are interested to know as to how to pass drug test, then you should really know the other factors affecting this matter. Another important factor is how you are to use marijuana. The potency or quality of weed is also significant. Higher quality weeds are to have more THC which will have more presence in your system.


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