How To Lose Weight Quickly And Keep It Going

Everyone wants to lose weight quickly, the faster the better. How to lose weight quickly is the dream of many people. What we are proposing is a plan to lose weight quickly and naturally without any stress on your body or mind. Keeping it simple ensures that it can be sustained and you can click to read more about some really amazing ways to do so. You want to lose weight quickly but not at the cost of your health. You can actually lose weight by fat loss, loss of muscle and water.

Most diet programs and pills project a rapid weight loss by draining your body of fluids, which of course is not what you want. Another effect of these magic pills is to curb your appetite which means your body may not be getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. All of these result in loss of weight but by loss of muscle instead of fat which results in your body health going down.

So we come to just one question, what must I do to achieve sustained weight loss? Simple mathematics tells us that if we eat more than what our body is using we gain weight. This also means that if you eat less than what your body is using and you lose weight. The whole issue is that of a robust diet plan. You can easily lose up to 3-4 kilos in the first two weeks on a good diet plan and about half a kilo per week thereafter. I have some suggestions which are easy, gradual, and more natural. Drink lots of water, and cut out soda and sugary drinks. Reduce alcohol, I am not saying abstain from it totally, but to the extent possible. Drinking lots of water burns fat and increases metabolism, and keeps you out of dehydration, and best of all, it’s calorie-free.

If drinking plain water is too trying, add a dash of lemon. Eat plenty of raw vegetables. Start a meal with lots of salad having carrots, peppers, celery, broccoli cucumber, and cabbage. Eating raw vegetables will give you a feeling of fullness, causing you to eat less at regular meals. Have fibrous foods consisting of fruits and whole grains. Fibrous foods are very good for digestion and general good health. Go for baked and grilled foods. Really cut out on fried stuff. Cut down red meat. Substitute beef with chicken and fish.

Of course, doing this all at once is very difficult, if not impossible. In fact, if you do this then chances are that you will give up within a month. But then you really want to lose weight quickly and stay healthy too. So take it in gradually, step by step. Add one thing at a time. Start with an increased intake of fluids. Gradually bring in salads, and after a couple of days introduce fruits. If you can’t really get up to all this, here is an Accelerated Fat Loss Diet That WORKS!!! Why are you overweight? The inside Scoop on dieting… Scrap the popular myths about weight loss and act NOW. Begin to lose weight and enjoy it too.


Kyong Baldwin is a news writer covering politics, education, culture, science and technology. She is also the author of Friday Casting.

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