Last Warlock New Minecraft Style – Know about the style

Is ‘The Last Warlock’ just another clone? Or do we have a good Minecraft style title? Learn more about this brand new RPG title and watch its trailer.

From the hypixel store, you can select the right style for the playing of the Minecraft games. It will offer the best playing experience. The style of playing should suit with the needs and requirements for the players. The checking of the style is essential in order to make the right decision.

Minecraft voxel graphics style has become an inspiration for many indie studios aiming for this fast growing market. Even when offering a game based on these kind of visuals offers a great opportunity to catch fans attention, it is necessary to have a good product to offer. Does “The Last Warlock” achieve this goal? Is it truly another Minecraft clone?

Several attempts have been made in order to achieve what Minecraft did; becoming a favourite among players by adding forgotten elements like pixel and voxel style graphics and returning to the basics, gather, craft, explore.

Is it that Minecraft arrived first or is there some sort of secret magic behind the game? We certainly can’t tell, because we have seen many games trying to take over it, but no success has being achieved so far.

“The Last Warlock” might have a better idea on what’s going on here, the studio behind the game decided to stick to the style of Minecraft just for the visual element, by watching the video you will get to see that it feels very familiar, so they managed to do it well.

What makes the difference in between Minecraft and The Last Warlock is the fact that the new title will focus on RPG gaming experience, something that Minecraft clearly lacks. It is clear that this title is aiming for those players that aren’t getting enough out of survival mode.

The Last Warlock is a turn based RPG game that allows you to gather, craft and explore, but also to summon creatures and fight in coliseums and to use magic in order to defeat your enemies.

Major difference will be characters as they have more blocks on their structure making them look bigger, not a very big fun of this change but new elements are always needed.


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