New York Hemp Industry Draft Regulations Propose A Ban On The Hemp Industry

According to a new hemp regulation, New York has banned the sale of hemp and its products in the state, and people who are having CBD biomass in stock or deal in CBD-based products have to bear a license for the trade. These new laws were felt to be proposed because of the illegal breeding of varieties of cannabis and hemp. 

This way, many products that fall under the category of hemp were found to have a higher concentration of THC in them, which is the property of weed or marijuana. According to the proposal, all activities from growing CBD crops to the extraction of oil will be tracked, and their proper testing for the potency will be regulated. Know more about the actual proposals in the law here 

Reasons That Distinguish Marijuana And Hemp For Which Government Legalized Hemp 

People have been consuming hemp as alternatives to marijuana because of its low concentration of THC. Smoking CBD does not have psychoactive effects but has all other benefits like healing effects for mental illness, anti-inflammatory effects, and pain relief. Therefore, hemp was legalized to shift from destructive drugs like marijuana or other hard drugs and consume hemp instead.

Promotion Of CBD Products To Be Taken As An Alternative To Weed And THC 

To promote hemp usage, many brands were proposing products that look like marijuana products, such as vapes, pre-rolled hemp packs, hemp pills, oil, etc. These products have gained good popularity, and many weed addicts have quitted their addiction with hemp alternatives.

Range Of Medical Issues In Which CBD Proved Therapeutic 

People suffering from problems like anxiety or stress, or seizure attacks are prescribed CBD consumption because CBD is highly effective in dealing with these issues. Other problems like PTSD or severe pain due to injury could be relieved by CBD intake quickly. But THC is also an integrated companion of CBD in cannabis and hemp, and one cannot easily extract all of THC from these. 

According to entourage effect theory, THC and other components like terpenes, which are actively available in full-spectrum cannabis, are essential for treatment. Therefore, the lawmakers have to tolerate some small amounts of THC in CBD products.

How Does The Ban Affect The Cannabis And Hemp Farmers?

Farmers who have available stocks from the last production are also claiming justice as it is not fair to ban a product right away. They should be at least allowed to clear the stock while the law is being regulated officially. The law is presently in unregulated status, and this is not ethical to put the previous stock on par with the latest rules. You can check out what the companies and brands that deal in CBD products have to say about it here through this link

If you are also a CBD consumer for medical or any reasons, this information is meant for you as well because there are very few alternatives to what hemp can provide.


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