Nike Shoes and Sneakers – A Brief History

You might have heard about the multiple brands of shoes, but one of the most famous brands is Nike that helps people to get the best quality shoes and sneakers. Some people love to wear shoes, and some love to wear sneakers, and this brand helps them get both options. Usually, people get confused while buying the best-branded shoes or sneakers, but they can buy without any doubt or query when it comes to Nike. It would be great for the people to buy Nike brand footwear as it will help them feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Most people don’t know about Nike’s brand; they don’t trust it and feel uncomfortable building their trust. Once the people get to know about this brand, it will help them buy the best shows and sneakers to help them feel comfortable. Once you wear Nike footwear, then you will find that they are the best and relaxed. You can also consider nike shoes for standing all day as they don’t lead you to feel tired or uncomfortable, so try to pay attention to this brand. For more details about this brand, you can consider the below details to help you know about it well with proper understanding. 

Some Lights on Nike History 

Nike is one of the most famous and reputed brands of the time, and people trust it without any doubt or query. It first came out as a Blue Ribbon Sports shoes in the American sportswear market and was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman, a track and field coach at the University of Oregon. He had his former student Phil Knight, and both of them opened their first retail outlet in 1966, and then the brand Nike was launched in the year 1972. 

The company opened by the coach and the student was named Nike, Inc. in 1978 and came across the public two years later. When the 21st century came, Nike’s brand has earned such huge popularity and grabbed attention in more than 170 countries. Nike’s logo was declared as a Curved Check Mark, known as Swoosh, which was recognized all over the world. The logo made people feel so positive towards this brand then they started buying it and trusting it throughout their lives. 

From the late 1980s, Nike started to expand in more and more countries, made more people fond of this brand, and moved close to more profits. Nike has earned such great popularity as many companies preferred to connect with it so that they can grab the best result in the coming future. Once the companies combine with Nike, then they know that they will grab more and more profits in the coming days. When Nike got so famous, it started selling sports technology accessories, including heart-rate monitors and high altitude wrist compasses. 

Many athletes owed the Nike sports shoes that made this brand more famous and reputed and made people learn more about them. When people saw athletes like Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, and Tiger Woods wearing Nike’s shoes, they automatically attracted it. Usually, people get attracted to those shoes and sneakers they found worn by some celebrities and athletes. Once any celebrity wears any branded shoes, it simply makes them get the best impression about that product and motivates them to buy it. 

In the 1990s, when the company’s image faced so many bad revelations, it led to poor dale and working conditions in the overseas factories. But later on, when people found the truth, they started trusting Nike and tended to buy more and more footwear from it. Once you learn more about Nike, it will help you know about it more and help you get the best result. Nike is such a great brand, and if you consider its brief history, it will be very helpful to you. 


Finally, when you complete reading the above info, it will help you learn about Nike shoes and sneakers’ brief history. It will also help you know about the brand properly and help you get the best results when you opt to buy Nike footwear. Try to stay focused on the above details to have a better understanding of it and get the best outcome when you buy any Nike product. The above details will help you build your trust in Nike and help you get the best result.  


Kyong Baldwin is a news writer covering politics, education, culture, science and technology. She is also the author of Friday Casting.

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