How To Make Money Online With Resale Rights

I have been making money online for the last 5 years now. During that time, I have discovered a few very simple and very quick ways anyone can use to make money online. One of those ways is by selling products that have resale rights. Resale rights products are products that you can sell and keep all the profits. Unlike affiliate marketing, there is no commission involved. You make a sale and the whole amount goes straight into your paypal account. That means there is no waiting to get paid.

Through the, the earning of online money is simple and comfortable to the individuals. The money is available directly in the paypal account of the businesspeople. There is nothing to worry and no wait through the businesspeople is required to have the benefits.

Finding Resale Rights Products

You basically have two options when it comes to finding resale rights products to sell. You can either go to Google and find free ones or you can buy a product that offers resale rights and just turn around and start reselling it. If you have absolutely no money to spare, you will need to go the free route. However, if you have some money to spare, I strongly suggest you go with option two. Heres why.

When you purchase a product with resale rights you will dramatically reduce the amount of work you need to do to get everything set up. With free products you usually don’t get a website to use, the graphics etc. You have to set all that up yourself. When you purchase the rights, you usually get everything you need. All you have to do is plug in your email address so you can accept instant payment to your paypal account.

One product that you can do this with is Willie Crawfords “20 Ways TO Make $100 Per Day Online” Ebook. I purchased this product myself and have been reselling it for the last year or so. It is an easy sell because just about everyone wants to know how to make $100 a day online.

Willie offers what he calls a customer only program that pays 100%. It is the same thing as resale rights. When you purchase the product for $27, you will be able to turn around and sell the product for the same $27. Only now that $27 will go directly to your paypal account minus any paypal fees. Sell just 40 copies and you will make $1000. Not bad.

NOTE: Don’t just purchase the product for the sole purpose of reselling it. You should also read and use the techniques inside to set up other income streams which will ultimately help you make even more money.

How To Promote The Product So You Can Start Making Money

One of the best ways to drive traffic and make sales is via article marketing. It doesn’t cost a dime to do it and it works extremely well. All you need to do is write keyword rich articles, that educate and inform your potential customer. If they like what they have read, they will click through and check out the products or services you have to offer. Some of them will buy, some of them won’t.

If you really want to make some serious money you will need to be aggressive in your marketing. Don’t just write 10 articles and stop. Pump out as many as you can and get them posted to several article directories. The top 10 article directories are as follows:

1) EzineArticles

2) GoArticles

3) ArticlesBase

4) ArticleAlley

5) IdeaMarketers

6) EasyArticles

7) Amazines

8 ) ArticleSnatch

9) ArticleBlast

10) ArticleCube

Please know that this will take a lot of time and effort on your part. If you lack discipline, you won’t be successful.

Oak Livingroom Furniture For Tiny Rooms

Oak BedRoom for little rooms can be challenging to find. With little space available, the concern is finding the space for all of the must-haves including the lounger, chairs, end tables, and coffee tables. When buying living room furniture for tiny rooms, select a light wood such as solid pine to make the most of the space without creating the appearance of a room stuffed with enormous, heavy furniture.

Solid pine living room furniture is a doable choice for any space, but especially a tiny one because it is generally light in color and will not make the room seem so cramped like a larger, darker piece of furniture would. Light coloured coffee tables function as they need to, but without the appearance of taking up much space because of their coloring. They come in a selection of shapes and sizes to fit any size room, with any style decor.

Pine furniture is ageless and looks attractive with any style of living room decor, providing a country charm and excellent craftsmanship that will be easily recognized by anyone who sees it. Pine furniture is built to last. Buying high quality pine furniture guarantees that the items won’t have to be replaced within the following couple of years. When purchasing furniture, it is always worthwhile to spend a touch more the 1st time around because high quality is the most important factor as it is considered an investment. Select furnishings that add to the charm and create a unusual style that may make any little room feel even larger.

Avoid giant pieces of furniture as this can make the room feel even smaller. Even a giant room with awkward furniture will feel cramped for space with bulky furniture. An oblong pine coffee table won’t take much space, but will be a lovely accent to a room. A large square occasional table, on the other hand will take up much more room and will still have the same functionality. Choose furniture that compliments the angles in the room so if an oblong table does not go well with the wall angle, choose an oval pine table which will define the space without taking away from the classy.

Tiny rooms need a little additional planning, but can be decorated and designed in order that they create the sensation of a larger space. Pine furniture is a sweet addition to any sized living room and can make a little room feel comfortable and roomy. Choose pine furniture that is light colored or natural, as this will go with just about any decor. Make the most out of the natural design of the room, this creates a fluid feel making the room seem larger.

Pine Dressers Finishes to consider maybe Wax:

A wax finish will compliment both contemporary & traditional furniture. Waxing enhances the character of the piece and gives a warm nourished feel. The standard wax finish is steeped with the tradition of treating the timber and simultaneously obtaining a sheen. Periodically, re-waxing will keep the piece looking rich and attractive.

Air Ambulance Accident Attorney

Air Ambulance Accident Attorney

New Mexico suffers from more than its share of air ambulance crashes. Air Ambulances are the helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft that fly patients from facility-to-facility, and rescue critically injured patients from remote crash sites for quicker trips to the hospital. The most tragic part of an air ambulance crash is that the victims are already injured, and their loved ones place them in the hands of the air ambulance flight crew in order to get well. It is therefore critical that such flights are completed safely. All too often, however, medevac helicopters and airplanes crash, which often results in the deaths of or injuries to the crew, and kills or further injures the patient-passengers.

The Dane Law Firm believes that all aviation crashes–air ambulance crashes included, are preventable. They are typically caused by lapses in the pilot’s aeronautical decision making process, or poor decisions made by the pilot in response to an emergency, including: flight into bad weather, flight in conditions for which the pilot is not adequately trained, flights into and out of dangerous terrain areas without proper precautions, and overloading the aircraft with gear and/or personnel, leading to unrecoverable weight-and-balance problems.

Air accident litigation is not your average day in court. You do not have to confront these tragic circumstances alone. If the crash was due to someone else’s negligence, The Dane Law Firm will fight to recover damages for your:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning potential
  • Prescription drug expenses
  • Rehabilitation
  • Funeral expenses
  • Wrongful death
  • Pain and suffering

In addition to fighting to recover these compensatory damages, we seek compensation for punitive damages to punish the parties responsible and help prevent others from acting in similar ways. You want justice and safety for your family, and improvement to the New Mexico aviation community. You want the Dane Law Firm, P.C.

*All claims arising from or relating to airplane, helicopter, and hot air balloon crashes and accidents are subject to time limitations, within which written tort claim notices must be served upon governmental agencies, and other time limits within which suit must be filed or the claim will be forever barred. These time limits and written tort claim notices to governmental agencies vary widely depending upon a careful legal analysis which includes the location of the crash, the domicile of the parties, the domicile of the survivors and their families, and choice-of-law issues. Therefore, if your crash occurred some time ago, it is strongly recommended that you contact The Dane Law Firm immediately to protect your rights. Moreover, no attorney-client relationship will exist between you and The Dane Law Firm until a written engagement agreement has been fully executed by the client, personal representative, conservator, or other legally authorized client representative and the Dane Law Firm, P.C.

The Windmill Generator

The Windmill Generator

As the world gets more environmentally friendly, people are beginning to realize that other means of powering their homes might actually be cheaper than the ones that they are currently using. This is where a wind generator would come in. Wind generators, which are traditionally referred to as wind turbines, are made by attaching a propeller to an electric generator that is then attached to specific electronics that allows the device to be added onto the electric grid.

Windmill generators have been around for over a thousand years, though they didn’t always call them by that name. Originally found in Persia as early as 200 B.C., the first practical windmills weren’t built until the 7th century. By the 14th century, the Dutch were using windmills to drain areas of the Rhine River and by the 1900s there were around 2500 windmills being used in Denmark for pumps and mills. The first windmill that generated electricity, that is known and documented, was one that charged batteries and was installed in 1887 by a man named James Blyth in Scotland. The electricity producing windmills were built on American soil in Cleveland, Ohio in 1888 by Charles F. Brush. By the time that World War 1 broke out, the American windmill makers were creating 100,000 farm windmills every year and most of these were used for water-pumping. By the 1930s, windmills that were used for electricity were very common on farms.

Now, a windmill generator can be used to power an entire household, depending on how it is set up and how large the household is but it would require far more than just one windmill and it is not entirely reliable as some days the wind doesn’t appear at all. However, it can greatly reduce the amount that is spent on an electric or gas bill each month. Keep in mind that the average wind speed is between 5 and 15 miles per hour and that the factories that sell windmill generators are testing them at higher wind speeds. It’s actually fairly easy to build a wind generator at home and most people would already have all of the tools necessary to create their own, though they would need to buy wood and other additional items.

The residential wind turbines tend to cost between $12,000 and $55,000 when installed, though there are incentives and rebates that can reduce the price up to half off, depending on the state. Southwest Windpower estimates that the windmill generator would pay for itself within five to ten years by the amount of money saved. However, there are people who have made their own windmills without the vast cost and these guides are available with just a quick search on a search engine over the internet. When preparing to buy or create a windmill generator, make sure to clear the land around it so that there are no obstructions between the generator and the wind.

Southwest Windpower is a leading producer of windmill generators, though they are hardly the only company that creates energy efficient wind powered generators. Bergey Windpower Company, Wind Turbine Industries Corporation, Cascade Wind Corporation, and Humdinger Wind Energy are also companies that create windmill generators and this is in the United States alone.

Obtain Instant Background Check

Obtain Instant Background Check

Whenever you might be choosing to perform a instant background checks to the candidate, maybe you’ve chosen to research the internet to get a entirely totally free world wide web background check believing you’ll save cash. Clearly you might conserve cash because it could be no cost of charge; on the other hand you truly do receive that which you purchase. Typically, on the web for free of charge prison background checks have a tendency to be not just imperfect but in numerous situations they are also incorrect. It’s nicely worth investing the extra cash to create sure that upcoming worker is genuinely a dependable useful resource on your organization.

When you have received any recently opened up spot inside your company, you might have 100s or possibly 1000s of applicants. From all of your prospects you will discard a substantial portion relying on such points as coaching at the same time because the criminal record. On the other hand the genuine bad guys which you would will need to become aware of tend to be those that do not point out any type of probable information.

In regards to the genuine safety and safety of the business, understanding irrespective of whether or not you might have poor men carrying out work for you is vital. 20% of a number of refreshing job hopefuls already have some prison historical past. While a few of these may perhaps probably even be a automobile parking ticket, a great a lot of others might have involved imprisonment time period as well as possibly armed thievery. Numerous applicants that make application for a placement could possibly basically be trying this with the knowledge that, correct now there could even be a chance to enable them to within the future steal out of your respective business. Also anyone who has basically no thievery offences previously doesn’t necessarily suggest that they might by no means existing any risk, odds are they’ll simply do mainly because they presently have offender motives.

Some people which have some form of court records will clarify precisely what you need to hear. They’re the types which have flipped over a fresh leaf and maybe they are merely staying truthful. Men and women who voluntarily conceal their personal legal history from anyone can be the varieties you have to consider. As opposed to brief listing individuals with the prison history depending on the factors they had written in the resume, why don’t you carry out a full-fledge landlord background checks upon your complete capable job hopefuls to get clear of those that may turn out to be the concern within your location of perform.

The precise facts supplied by free background check solutions are inclined to be so substantial that you simply do not have to request anything in any respect to the person. If an individual acquired been imprisoned then a couple of sources may well not just let you realize about that but furthermore will also inform you factors concerning the data on that situation. You may on top of that become conscious of what sort of criminal offense the individual acquired done as well as for exactly how much period of time he experienced stayed in prison. Therefore, the genuine legal historical past data will provide you the actual complete felony assertion of your legal offense committed by the particular person.

How To “Bow Like a Pro”

How To “Bow Like a Pro”

As I promised when I shared the DIY Candy Bouquet information, I want to share how to make a basic pinch and twist bow to dress up your projects. While there are many types of ribbon that will work, my favorite type to use is that with wired edges. I find it easier to work with and fluff up after making the bow. If you have another type of fairly stiff ribbon it may also work, but I am a fan of taking the easy route when I can, so it’s wired edges for me!

  • Ribbon, preferably with wired edges. How much you’ll need depends upon how big you’re making the bow. I used about a yard to a yard and a half for the four-loop bows for the Candy Bouquets, A two-loop bow will require less. I used a 2” wide ribbon for the Candy Bouquets. You’ll want something wider if you’re making a larger bow, perhaps for a wreath. You’ll want something much narrower if you’re making a bow for a smaller project like a corsage.
  • A few inches of floral wire or another fine gauge wire. Or a twist tie if your bow won’t be too large.
  • A bamboo skewer or floral pick to stick the finished bow into your arrangement.
  • Clear packing/mailing tape to attach the bow to the skewer or pick.

What to do:

Pull off as much ribbon as you want for the streamer on your bow, plus a bit more so you’ll have room to trim the ends. Pinch the ribbon together and twist. This marks the middle of your bow. If your ribbon has a right side and a wrong side then make sure the right side will be facing the outside of the bow as you continue.

Form the first loop of your bow, keeping the right side of the ribbon facing the outside of the loop. I like to hold the ribbon up to my project to get an idea of how large to make the loops. Remember your loop will be about half the size of the finished bow, meaning a 6” loop makes a bow that will end up being about 12” across. Once you’ve decided how big to make the loop, pinch and twist the ribbon in the middle and then hold it next to the first twist as shown.

Form the next loop, which will naturally be on the other side of the middle of the bow. This is the hard part for me, because all of the loops must be the same size or the bow will be lopsided. Pinch and twist the piece of ribbon forming the second loop at the middle and then hold the twist next to the other twists. Continue forming loops, pinching and twisting the ribbon in the middle of the bow, until the bow is as large as you want it. I’m stopping the sample bow with just two loops because I finally figured out it is a nice size for my Candy Bouquets.

Wrap a few inches of wire or a twist tie around the middle of your bow where you’ve pinched and twisted the ribbon. Twist the wire tightly to hold the ribbon securely in place.

I fluffed up my bow at this point because I think they’re pretty. If you aren’t sure you made your bow the correct size for your project then you might want to fluff it up and check the size before you cut the ribbon. But if you’re okay with the size then it really is more practical to wait until the bow is on the skewer to fluff it up. If you look at the Candy Bouquet how-tos you’ll see that I added the skewer before fluffing the bow in that picture.

Pull the ribbon tails smoothly down, line up the edges, and fold the ribbon neatly in half from top to bottom, matching the wired edges, with the shorter tail on the outside where you can see it. Trim the ribbon to your desired shape.

Put a piece of packing tape on the end of a skewer with a bit of tape hanging over the end of the skewer.

Then fold the tape down at an angle.

Keeping the end of the skewer as close to the middle of the bow as possible without getting the bow caught in the tape, tape the wire (or twist tie) to the skewer.

Fluff your bow and add it to your project.

Of course you can skip the skewer and use the bow to decorate wrapped packages or a wreath or anything else that needs some pretty ribbon to dress it up. I would love it if you’d share pictures of your bows and fun projects on my Facebook page or Twitter feed!

To what sorts of projects will you add ribbon and bows this Christmas?

Various Styles Available For Cheap Dress Shoes

When it comes to fashion footwear you don’t need to pay a fortune to get a nice pair of quality shoes. You can find various styles of cheap dress shoes at many discount department stores as well as through several online merchant sites. These cheap dress shoes are available in styles for men, women and children and could be brand name shoes or not well known designer labels. In the category of ladies dress shoes you will have several style options to choose from. There are basic pumps, wedge styles and high heeled sandals with straps that can be worn for formal occasions.

The cheaper designs will use variety of materials from synthetic to genuine leather. Some of these shoes will be constructed from vinyl or a type of cloth material. The vinyl can be molded to replicate the look and feel of genuine snake skin or alligator. It can also be made as a smooth shiny item to create a dramatic look to a piece of fashion footwear. The formal styles of cheap dress shoes for women will often be accented with different items such as bows or sequins.

Leather also used in creating men’s dress shoes. This type of formal shoe can come as a traditional oxford style that laces up the front or as a slip-on design. These cheap dress shoes are usually limited in the color options available and will usually be found in basic styles of white, black, tan and brown. The various boys dress shoes will be similar in style to the men’s and may also include decorative accent trim on some styles. The loafer for boys and men can come with a tassel added to the front section. A basic oxford often has detailed etchings around the toe area to create a more decorative design for the shoe.

In the line of girls dress shoes you can still find the traditional patent leather style with the ankle strap that buckles. This shoe is available in a wide assortment of colors including white, black and red. Variations on this basic girl’s pump found in cheap dress shoes will include styles that have decorative edging around the toe section on the shoe. This can be a trim made of flowers or an open eyelet design made to resemble lace. There are also several styles of the slip-on shoe for girls found in the line of cheap dress shoes that have added accents on the toe to make them more appropriate for formal events.

You can check out for the dress shoe definition.

When shopping for various cheap dress shoes for yourself or your entire family you might find some designer label items at discount prices by searching online, but with our site you do not have to look all other the internet or drive to the other side of the town.

The advantage of shopping at is the ability to shop at your leisure through the wide selection of cheap dress shoes available. At Cheap Dress Shoes you will find reviews, tips and great deals on variety of dress shoes.

Law Firm Web Design

Law Firm Web Design

A successful website is mainly about the usability of the website and your visitor’s experience. Our industry leading web design team has many years of industry experience and know-how, enabling them to effectively implement the best sole practitioner web design techniques to create a client-generating tool for your business. Regardless of whether you’ve left a previous firm to start by yourself, or if you’re building a legal business with a partner, starting your own law firm is extraordinarily difficult. Finding the right staff members, choosing the perfect office, constructing a presence in your legal community, overseeing every detail from conception to launch and onward, opening a start-up law firm is a brave endeavor that takes all of your focus. According to the statistics, lawyers who take this path will succeed and a good many eventually exceed their previous income level. Times will be hardest during the first year, but with close attention and thorough research, struggles are overcome or removed. By designing a precise plan, thinking constantly of the future and improvement, your start-up law firm will be poised for success in the years to come.

Legal advertising is simply the advertising by attorneys and law firms in publications or forms of media. It is a form of advertisement that keeps the public informed and aware of issues in the legal industry and also is conveniently used to let people in need of legal assistance that there are attorneys out there willing to help them in legal matters. There has, however, been some controversy as to whether legal advertising only serves the purpose of informing the public. The manipulation of legal advertising that mislead people is a major downside as this area of advertisment continues to grow. There are clear guidelines and legislation rules that target these types of advertisement to protect attorneys who want to publish listings and advertise their services in the legal community.

The American Bar Association (ABA) came up with a sets of rules starting in 1908, and have since continued to modify and refine their guidlines with the changing times. This was done to ensure that content in advertisements did not misrepresent an attorney or law firm to mislead and deceuve potential clients. Back in the days before Internet, legal advertising was found in phone books, yellow pages, radio and television. However, our world today has rapidly increased in technological advances and the Internet has become a major source for information.

The use of the Internet as an advertising source for lawyers and legal professionals have created ongoing opportunities but has also created new problems on the web. When done correctly, this method can be an effective way for lawyers to build and maintain their client base. Advertising is a form of marketing that can allow attorneys to keep their legal services more affordable. As part of the legal system, lawyers are essentially officers of the court and have an obligation to make sure their conduct goes with the highest ideals of a legal professional.

Espresso equipment, cappuccino machine, barista training

Place your initial coffee or tea order directly from this site and we will automatically repeat the same order quantity and selection every month. We will let you know via e-mail when your next shipment is due to go out. ALL 4 JAVA Club ships two pounds of our unique blends of coffee or tea every month. You have a choice of our Medium/Regular, Dark/Espresso, Medium Decaf Roast, and Regular, Decaf, or fruit tea blends. If you like flavors, check here! The membership entitles you to buy coffees, syrups, and teas at a 10% discount and all other items (such as equipment & accessories or reference materials) at 5-10% less than our Retail Store prices. (…and, NO membership fee). Our guarantee is simple: If you don’t like it – Return It! At any time after the first shipment …you may discontinue your membership. But we have full trust in the quality of our products and we would like to hope that you’ll stick with us for some time. And then…

Example 1: If you purchase a Pump Espresso Machine for 213.75, you will earn 10.68 points (5% of the purchase price). These 10.68 points can be used as $10.68 towards any future purchase after your initial 3 month membership. We keep track of the earned bonus points for you and let you know what the accrued amount is every time we notify you about the monthly shipment. You need to let us know when you want to use them, via Subscription Change Form or e-mail.

When you become a club member you can count on our expert advice for all your coffee needs. Contact us via phone or e-mail and we will be there to answer your coffee related questions or if you need advice when thinking to upgrade your brewing equipment even if you are not planning to buy it from us. This is our way to thank you for your support.

If you are interested in joining our ALL 4 JAVA club, CLICK HERE product category, pick any combination of coffee and/or tea blends we offer and place your first order which will initiate your membership and subscription! We will be sure to expedite all coffee & tea shipments on the next day we receive them. Usually, you will get them within 4-5 business days along with your Club ID Number. From this point on we will automatically repeat the same order quantity and selection every month unless you decide to change it. While a member with each shipment, you may purchase up to TWO items from the virtually wholesale priced accessory, equipment, or reference selection. Also, with any shipment, you can always add other products from our coffees, teas, flavored syrups and tea concentrates sections. Just be sure to sign on with your Club ID each time you want products included with your regular shipment.

When you find the coffee or tea that You love, and can’t do without, just fill out the form to let us know and we will customize the Club for you. Choose at least 2lbs of great All 4 Coffee’s tea or coffee a month and enjoy full membership privileges. You may suspend your membership for up to three months during any calendar year (i.e., vacation) without forfeiting your accrued Java Points. In case your suspension is longer you may of course subscribe again whenever you are ready and we will be happy to open a new account for you. You will soon discover that 2 pounds ain’t enough!

You will receive the selected coffee or tea every month. You will never run out and you will never have too much since once your friends, family, and guests taste it – you will know that it makes a very special and exclusive, yet inexpensive gift for any occasion! We know because it happened to us and when Chris and I go to visit friends they learned to expect the best coffee in place of the “standard” bottle of mediocre wine.

How to Budget: Emergency Fund

How to Budget: Emergency Fund

Thanks for following the “How to Budget” series. We started a few weeks ago chatting about Why we budget and How to put a budget together. We looked at working through a budget when income is irregular. Now let’s consider building an emergency fund. An emergency fund isn’t really part of the budget so much as a tool to help you stay on budget and protect your financial health. You need an emergency fund!

Before we continue, I need to remind you that I am not a certified financial planner, accountant, or investing professional. I am a mother who learned personal finance from the “School of Hard Knocks” and is willing to share what she’s learned in the spirit of chatting with a friend over coffee. If you require professional advice, please seek it from someone with the appropriate certification.

What is an emergency fund, exactly? It’s a pool of cash that you can access quickly to help you deal with emergencies that might otherwise derail your financial plan. You should ideally have enough money set aside to cover at least 3-6 months’ worth of expenses in case of a total loss of income. If you have irreqular income, do seasonal work, or are in field that is subject to frequent layoffs, you may want an emergency fund large enough to cover 6-12 months’ worth of expenses.

Tires pick up nails. Wind blows shingles off of the roof (Hurricane Ike!). Parents who live far away get taken to the hospital and road trips become necessary. Emergencies happen. But not every opportunity to spend money is an emergency. Birthday or Christmas gifts are not emergencies and should be planned as part of the regular budget. Restaurant meals are not emergencies and can often be prevented with a little pantry preparedness and car picnic supplies. A full emergency fund usually takes time to build, so it’s important to save it for true emergency needs and not blow it on wants. If you’d like to brush up on the difference between wants and needs you might read this post.

An emergency fund is not an investment in the sense that you’re looking for a good rate of return. It’s more like an insurance policy that is there if you need it but doesn’t do much if you don’t. Money designated for the emergency fund should not be kept in certificates of deposit, stocks, or other hard-to-access places. Park the money in a savings account or something similar. It needs to be a stockpile of cash you can get to in a hurry if and when life happens.

If you should suddenly find yourself without income, your emergency fund could keep your household functioning until you’re able to find a new job. If you are wise, during the time of no income you will cut out unnecessary spending and use your emergency fund strictly for your needs. Given the change in spending priorities that should come during a time of reduced or eliminated income, you’ll need to plan your emergency fund to cover your expenses and not necessarily your full income.

For example, if my husband and I were to find ourselves without income, we would eat from the pantry and not buy extra groceries or go to restaurants. We would stay home a lot and my husband might even walk to work in order to avoid running gas out of our cars. We would cut spending wherever we could. We would not be tithing because we’d have no income from which to tithe. We would stop investing for retirement and setting funds aside for our children’s education. Those items would disappear from our budget until we found a new source of income. For these reasons, we would not need as much money as we normally do. Our emergency fund covers 3-6 months’ worth of expenses, not income. That said, having a larger emergency fund of up to 12 months’ worth of expenses is not a bad idea. Funds beyond that would probably serve you better if they were invested someplace that will yield a better rate of return because you’d already have 12 months’ worth of cash to live on, thereby giving yourself time to access the invested funds.

Started Quickly and Then Built Over Time

Once you are current on your bills, you’ll want to build up a small emergency fund of $1,000 – $2,000 as quickly as possible. Take an extra part-time job, have a yard sale, sell stuff online, whatever you need to do…just pull together that small emergency fund right away. Having that little bit of money in the bank will allow you to start paying off debts and maintain your momentum even when tires blow out or washing machines spring leaks. If you have a small emergency fund you can handle those emergencies without taking on more debt.

You can build up your full emergency fund once you’re out of debt, except for your house. Just add an “emergency fund” line to your budget and start saving money from each paycheck until the emergency fund is fully funded. Or get to a full emergency fund even faster by working overtime or taking on an extra job.

And if you don’t own a home, please don’t purchase one until you have a big enough emergency fund to cover a full 3-6 months’ worth of expenses. Any homeowner will tell you that things break and repairs are necessary, even in new homes. Trying to maintain a home without an emergency fund is no fun! Have a little patience, use your desire to own a home to help you focus on saving up that emergency fund and down payment even more quickly, and rest easier in your home knowing that you can handle what comes…at least financially!

A Final Note

Where you keep your emergency fund is up to you, but if you decide to use a financial institution to protect your emergency fund I suggest you keep a little bit of cash hidden at home. How much is up to you. The reason it’s a good idea to have a little cash on hand is that sometimes emergencies happen when financial institutions are closed. I’ve climbed in the car “after hours” to drive to a hospital in another state because somebody I love was admitted. Being able to grab some cash and go was much less worrisome than wondering if I could find an out-of-town bank machine. You can probably think of other situations that would be easier to handle if you had access to a few dollars. Please consider your unique life situation and plan accordingly.

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