Remington Micro screen Shaver With Trimmer

The Remington MicroScreen Shaver with Trimmer, model number MS5200, is considered the company’s most innovative elektrorasierer. It has a mini foil that pops up that provides clean results even in the difficult spots of your face creating a beard-lifting comfort finish. It also features its easy washable design. It comes along with a pop-up trimmer that you can use to cut those long and hard hairs. You also have the option to use the cord or not. It can be charged for just one hour that would have a battery lasting for more than sixty minutes. You have an assurance of a 30-day performance guarantee with a pouch and a cleaning brush.

Among all the features, the flexible foil heads are its main attraction. Its design allows optimum contact to the skin since it contours to any angle of your face. The three foil blades are intended to provide a clean close shave which means you only need to glide on your skin once. They are also strong, sharp, and durable since they’re covered with titanium foils.

The three positions for the pop-up trimmer assures precise trimming which is perfect for hard hairs. You have the luxury to use the cord or not. If used without the cord, it can last up to an hour of continuous usage. In addition to that, you will know how much power you have left since it has a digital battery gauge that informs you about it.

Remington MicroScreen Shaver with Trimmer Review:

This particular micro enhanced shaver was given an average rating of 3 stars from the customers. It would seem like the customers were expecting and looking for the ultimate razor. Since this shaver has a lot of competitors in the market, it may have also played a big factor to its ratings since the customers have a lot of brands to compare this to.

As much as what the rating show, there are still customers who remain happy with this razor. One customer claimed that he never had a razor that shaves this closely as this one. He claims that while other competitors excel in other aspects, this one excels in the area of closed shaving. An executive who’s used to a fast-tracked everyday routine still took some time to compliment this shaver. He claims that he was most happy with the life span of the battery. He doesn’t usually use the cord since it takes too much of a hassle and having a shaver with a battery that lasts long is a thumbs up for him.

Meanwhile, there are still customers insisting that it’s not any better compared to other brands. One customer was not satisfied with its performance since it doesn’t make any difference from the rest of his shavers. He personally concluded that there just no electric shaver that provides your most desired close shave.

Despite the mixed opinions with this shaver, we would still recommend being considered as an ordinary shaver. Based on the review, its performance would probably depend on how it is used and how it comes compatible with the angles of your face.


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