Should We Stay As Friend In Facebook With Our Ex

Even if the love ends, it can’t be forget to easily… We always wonder about what he is doing, where he is going and who he is with… Sometimes we go back in time with Facebook when we are sorry for our break up, and sometimes we look for our new potantial lovers. So, how right is to stay as friends on facebook with your ex? Should we delete our ex from our social networks and Facebook? At the dmagazine, you can learn about the dating and hookup applications available at the online platform. The choosing of the right application is possible that satisfies the needs and requirements of the individuals.

Social Media Ends Relationships

Nurhan D. who is a Comminication Specialist, Trainer and a Social Media Consultant answered this question in her book, and gives some advices to us: “Before Facebook get into our lives when we had a fight with our friends, we don’t speak them for a while and don’t see each other. Then we can’t stand this situation, forgive each other and continue our friendships. Isn’t it how it supposed to be? We can have fights, disagreements and some discussions in our relationships and friendships.

First we fight, and then we make it up. And in time that Facebook get into our lives, our way of ending relationships and friendships have changed. For example when we have a problem with our lover, we don’t try to talk about it, we just delete them on facebook… This is not just in relationship, when we have a fight or disagreement with anybody, our first reaction become deleting them on Facebook. When we have a fight with our friends, we just delete them on facebook and can’t “CTRL+Z” it. When we unfriend someone on facebook, this means “I don’t want to see you anymore”. So we end our real relations in a virtual world”

You Can’t Stay Friends With Your Ex

Nurhan D. continues: “Characters of the people who broke up and the way that they split decides whether they stay friends or not… It is actually is the same in Facebook, too but having our ex on our friend list is like sitting on a bomb that is about to explode… A message that he/she is going to send, or a little comment that she/he is going to do can easily lead you to break up with your new lover or just can easily put you in a bad position. If you believe that the relationship is over and there is no chance for you to make it up, you can delete your ex from all of your social accounts.

Even if you decide to stay as friends after your relationship, it is not easy to continue your friendship like nothing ever happened. If one of the sides have a slightest hope to come back together, this side will always just looking for the slightest chance to do it. He/she would just watch you on your social accounts and he/she will follow you like a shadow. If you end the relationship in your head, this kind of behavior will bother you. And for not having any suprises when you have a new relationship, it is for the best if you unfriend and delete your ex from your social accounts.”


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