Some tips for making your period doors secure 

Period doors are the doors that have an ancient design, and they are in the trend these days. Period doors have an authentic look as their designs are taken from the past time doors, and they give an aesthetic look to our houses. So many people use these doors as their main doors as they found them fantastic and superior to modern doors. Some famous Period Doors are Victorian doors, 30s stained glass front door, contemporary doors, etc. These doors are a bit expensive, but it gives an attractive look to your house along with the superiority of its wood.

Along with the good and ancient designs of these doors, they need good protection of them as superiority is not the only factor that should be considered the house’s primary security. We have to add some extra security to these doors as these doors are inserted mainly by the rich people, and they need full security of their house. Some of the tips are there which should be considered while inserting these doors. Let’s discuss those tips.

Solid construction of the door

The primary thing which should be considered in the making of doors. You have to construct these doors superiorly and use good material in making them. You should never leave anything in the carpenter’s hands as you need to stand on the place where they are making it and guide them to make it according to your choice. You can make this door solid by using good quality wood, and the nails and all the other things used in it should be of good quality and should be inserted in it accurately.

  • Windowless design of the door

Inserting windows in your door only makes your door look good and attractive, but those doors are significantly less safe. All your private stuff can be seen by anyone through these doors as it has windows in it. You should take care of these things to not add windows to your doors. One more disadvantage of the windows is that the thi8eves can enter easily in your house by breaking the windows of your door.

  • Muscular deadbolts and interior locks

The deadbolts used in making the doors should be very superior as these are the main part of the safety of the door. If the deadbolts are cheap quality and they are not inserted properly, then there is no mean of inserting good quality doors at your house. One more thing which makes your house safe is the lock; without using a lock at the doors cannot make it secure. A lock is an essential part of safety, and you should add good quality locks to your door. The more superior the lock is, the more safety of the house will be there.


Period doors are one of the most beautiful things of the house, and it also gives an attractive look to our house. But, with the beauty, you need the safety of your house too, and there are some of the tips which are discussed above for making your doors more secure and protective for your house.  


Kyong Baldwin is a news writer covering politics, education, culture, science and technology. She is also the author of Friday Casting.

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