Stop Being Depressed Over Your Relationship With Your Boss!

Relationships with Bosses are love-hate ones. And seldom do you find an employer-employee relationship that is blissful and where both parties are having a good time on the job. Sad to say that this is true.

If you know that you are facing a really mean boss who is out to make your life miserable, well, just know that you may not be the only person in the situation. There are many in similar situations and in some cases, they are pushed to the edge and on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Before you actually pile yourself with guilt and become unhappy and eventually depressed, you should find more info on these 5 things with regards to your mean boss.

  1. You’re not imagining it–it’s really happening.

>> If you think that your boss is perhaps just going through bouts of PMS syndromes or similarly a bitch attack, well, you most probably are wrong. Mean bosses don’t seem to care about the feelings of their employees and if you keep justifying the reasons why your boss may be in a bad mood and throwing a tantrum at you. Well, stop doing it! Because you’ll know to throw yourself into a bottomless pit of guilt and depression.

  1. You may not be the problem.

> Well, ok, your boss is mean and yells at you. Is it because of your job performance? Maybe it isn’t and that your boss just chooses to pick on you because of your timidness or just because you are YOU. You have to stop blaming yourself and repeat things like “I’m incompetent” or ”He’s right, I’m just plain stupid”. You should always be objective and if you realize that your boss is being unreasonable, SPEAK UP.

  1. Bad bosses know how to get away with what they’re doing but you need to protect yourself!

>> But you can always protect yourself by finding peer support and finding people who are daring enough to go against the boss or to find evidence against him/her. You need to know when to stand up for your rights as an employee and expose what your boss has been doing that is wrong. It’s easier said than done but you need to build up your confidence over time in order to find evidence to support your case.

  1. Some bosses want to be bad and they’re not going to change.

>> They can’t change but you can. You can change the way you think of them and the attitude that you have towards them. If you are in a job that you really love but hate the boss, well, don’t quit your passion because of a man/woman. Always learn to adapt. Find what makes these bosses find fault with you and tick and seek ways to prevent them from having a chance of bullying you.

  1. You can take control of your work life.

>> If you can’t stand the boss and what he/she is doing to you. Well, always learn to put yourself in first priority and take control. You can always make choices like staying and learning to cope, transfer to another department or work scope or well, just simply resign and find a better workplace.

The decision’s up to you to decide how you want to deal with the relationship that you have with a boss that you can’t stand or just can’t understand or perhaps, he/she is well, just plain mean.

The lesson to take home: Always learn to make wise decisions for your own happiness!


Kyong Baldwin is a news writer covering politics, education, culture, science and technology. She is also the author of Friday Casting.

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