The Life Fitness 9500 Treadmill Getting Your Body In Shape

Every fitness trainer manufacturer will endeavor to add a catchy phrase or line that will best describe their products. In this regard, Life Fitness 9500 Treadmill was called by its maker as the next generation fitness machine. You may want to know more about why this is so. You may certainly want to see if this is related to the wide array of features you can see in the product.

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The description given to the Life Fitness 9500 Treadmill is deemed fit knowing that the brand owner packed this exercise equipment with unique features. First, you will recognize that the product has its trademark known as the Smart Stop – one employed when you want to end your workout via the treadmill belt. You should also thank it because it guarantees no hassles in terms of storage.

What Else is Packed in the Life Fitness 9500 Treadmill?

The 9500 Treadmill has a speed range set in between one to ten miles per hour. When speaking of workout space, you can make use of the 58-inch by 18-inch area in the equipment. This makes the product so compact yet so cozy to work out on. Its motor system runs using 2.0 hp and with the aid of alternating current. This machine may only come in a shipping weight of around 350 pounds but you will admire it once you find out that it can handle a maximum load of 400 pounds.

You will also find a 36-inch long side rail in the equipment. It also has pivoting legs that can make it more of a floor saver. Equipped with a Manager’s Menu, it will be reasonably easy for you to customize your exercise programs. This feature forms part of the Quick Start technology. Wrapping things up, you will also be delighted by the cooling mechanism included in this machine.

A Look at Technical Specs of the Life Fitness 9500 Treadmill

This machine is 70 by 34 by 50 inches (length by width by height). The speed you run or walk using the machine can be adjusted using .1 increments for the .5 to 12 miles per hour settings. When incline is regarded, you can set the range in between zero to fifteen percent. These technical specifications in the equipment make it even more of a desirable workout partner.

The Life Fitness 9500 Treadmill is indeed a next generation fitness partner. You will surely love all great finds packed within this product. The truth is that you can use the same set of features if you want to search for the product through both online and offline venues. There is no reason for you not to push through with the purchase. The 9500 Treadmill is always one workout equipment to beat.


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