The Real Truth About Interval Training And How It Can Help You

There are some pros who will try to tell you that one way of doing intervals is better than other ways: they aren’t being accurate. You see, all the studies have shown that interval style workouts are what do the best versus fat, but no one has really compared the different styles against each other. All this shows is that you can decide upon the kind of interval that suits you best. In essence, the principle of the interval is what provides for fat loss, not your preference for doing it.

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If you’re running distances, intervals of two or more minutes are helpful in building performance, but for losing flab, you’ll do half minute intervals. You can use a cardio machine for intervals if you’d like: work intensely for half a minute and then recover for a minute at a slow rate.

Narrower interval periods would be hard to do on machinery because of the time it takes to adjust speed. So I am contradicting what some Internet gurus say when they tell you that one interval is better than another, but I have proven them wrong.

In fact I will change the types of intervals I’m doini from time to time.

If you’ve gotten used to doing the half-minute iterations over the past months, change to a longer one minute period to get results again. When you make this kind of change, your body will change in response.

I think that the exercise bike is a good choice to make for intervals so that you can change easily from intensity to recovery.

Of course, you should also stretch the tightest muscular groupings at the end of every workout. Make sure you workout with your intervals several times during a seven day period.

Periodically change the timing of your intensity and recovery periods to keep your body guessing.

In fact, you can change every day, rotating among different timing combinations.


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