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For most weight loss aspirants, getting in tip top shape can be frustratingly difficult, especially if you don’t know the right strategies to lose weight. I always suggest in this site that motivation, perseverance and consistency are the keys to a successful fitness plan. If you don’t have these characteristics, then reaching your health goals are definitely impossible.

There is a need to check the reviews of the best fat burners for women. The choice of the right one is possible with spending fewer time and efforts. The impossible work is converted into possible. The reviews should contain the genuine and correct information about the products. 

However, if you have the right mindset and you have the tools to succeed, then weight loss will be just a simple challenge for you. The two main things for successful fitness program are:

  • having that motivation that will encourage you to workout in a consistent basis, and
  • using the right tools/equipments for effective workout

So if you think that you are physically and mentally ready for the challenge, the only thing that is missing is the right fitness tool. Since there are hundreds and thousands of expensive gym equipments, choosing the right and complete exercise tool can be confusing. With regards to this, you need to consider two things – budget and quality.

You may find cheap equipments in the market but they obviously don’t offer the best quality that you deserve. You must look for machines that will help work your whole body, as much as possible without sacrificing quality and cost.

This kind of equipments are hard to find these days. However, there is one equipment that can work your whole body without depleting your budget. Plus, this tool has been trusted for over a decade by fitness experts and celebrities such as Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. This equipment is called Total Gym XLS Trainer.

What is Total Gym XLS Trainer

The XLS Trainer is one of the many fitness equipment lines of Total Gym. The XLS Trainer is the top of the line machine that is designed to tone your entire body without eating much space on your room.

Like any other trainer devices, the XLS Trainer will work your back, core, arms and leg muscles, sculpting it into your desired shapes. It uses a single board with a few handle attachments.

Experts say that it is good workout to lift your own body weight. With the XLS Trainer, you lift a big percentage of your body weight, giving you a challenging exercise. This tool will work your body against gravity, resulting a smooth and fluid resistance.

As you improve your workout, you may increase the resistance by adjusting the incline, which increases the body weight you lift in every exercise routines. If you think the XLS Trainer is just for the upper body, think again. This machine is also designed to work your abdominal core, lower body, and you can even use it as a cardiovascular exercise machine.

Total Gym XLS Trainer is a perfect companion for your fitness program. It will help you to boost up your metabolic rate, which leads to more body fat reduction process. The strength training will turn-on your thermogenic state, which helps your body to burn more fat and calories, even after your workout.

Since the XLS Trainer machine has been one of the leading fitness tools for years, this model has gone through different upgrades, basically to set every fitness excellence standards and to also meet your fitness needs.

The upgrades includes a new pulley with improved cable system, a squat stand and specially made padding on the glide board for your extra comfort. The leg pull accessory helps work your quads, hamstring and other muscle groups.

Total Gym XLS Trainer is one of the most complete home gym fitness equipments that is trusted for years. This tool can handle up to 400 pounds, which leaves you with any kinds of workouts that focuses on strength and stability. Plus, there are no assembly required and it can also fold up easily to save space and for quick storage.

Over-all Product Features

Total Gym XLS Trainer is still the unbeatable and highest quality home gym equipment in the market today. Thousands of user have testified that XLS Trainer helped them improved their weight and over-all fitness. Some of the irresistible features of this machine includes:

  • 400lb weight capacity
  • upgraded comfort system
  • pulley and cable system
  • squat stand
  • flexible nylon strap handles
  • padded glideboard w/head support
  • chrome package
  • wing attachment
  • leg pulley accessory
  • pilates kit

Total Gym XLS Trainer offers over 80 types of exercises, targeting all muscle groups designed for cardio, strength training and stretching. If you purchase your Total Gym XLS Trainer right now, you also get 5 workout DVDs, an exercise wall chart, training deck and a nutritional/meal planning guide.

The video below was uploaded by Sports King, a complete preview of Total Gym XLS Trainer.

Summary on Total Gym XLS Trainer

As you can see, Total Gym is one of the best manufacturer of home gym equipments for years, and XLS Trainer is one of their premier product. If you are looking to reduce weight, get fit, build muscles or just for cardio workout, Total Gym XLS Trainer is one of the best tool that you can completely depend on.


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