Virtual Office Vs Executive Suites Vs Office Sharing

What is the difference between a virtual office, and executive suite, and office sharing?

A lot of times these 3 terms refer to the same basic thing, so do not get too bogged down in the details. It is most important to define your own needs and figure out which arrangement would do you the most good for a price you can afford. They all can provide affordable and convenient solutions for people who do not need a full time office.

Understanding different between different types of offices is essential for the users. The charges are affordable for address service available to the people. There are convenient solutions provided to the users without a need of full-time work. You need to gather information about it to have the benefits. 

So, as we define these terms, keep in mind that there is no real standard. But we will attempt to use typical definitions so you can decide if you should look for a virtual office executive suite, or an office sharing arrangement.

Office Sharing

This one is the easiest to pull out of the pack. Typically, this means that 2 or more workers do not need full time use of an office, cubicle, or desk. They make an arrangement to share that office during different periods of the day. This could be used by part time workers who take different shifts, sales people who are only local on certain days, or people who only need to use an office once in awhile.

Executive Suite

his is a bit different than a virtual office if you really want to be technical. Again, a lot of people, even the providers of these services, do not agree on the exact definitions. An executive suite could be thought of as a shorter term or temporary office rental arrangement. You actually rent an office, and all the amenities of the office building, but on a short term basis. This may be handy if you are doing business in a particular location for a limited period of time, but that location is not really your home base.

Virtual Office

In my opinion, this is a longer term arrangement, but for those who do not really need fixed office space. They just need the amenities and benefits of a commercial office building. It may come with a mail slot, phone extension, shared receptionist, access to conference and meeting rooms, but not an actual fixed office location.

Many people are not even the same city as the virtual office location because they just need mail and phone calls forwarded!

Which Type of Virtual Office, Executive Suite, or Office Sharing Is Best For Your Business?

You just need to figure out what you need to help you grow your own business.

If you run a home business or perform sales from your home, it could be helpful to have a professional looking conference room to meet clients once in awhile. You may also want to have a commercial address and phone extension to give out and publish so you do not have to give the pubic your home address or cell phone number. In that case, a virtual office would probably be ideal.

If you, or your company, wants to set up “shop” in another city for a short time in order to run a promotion or recruit sales people, an executive suite arrangement may be best for you.

If you only need an office a few hours a day, and would like to share the rent, then you may want to find an office sharing arrangement. This could also help you if you do need fixed office space for employees who will only be working part of the day.

Ask House Of Professionals About Affordable Office Solutions

Most office buildings are happy to discuss options with you. They will probably have a menu of plans to meet your needs. We would be happy to provide you with an executive suite or virtual office for your business. We may even be able to introduce you to other business people who are interested in an office sharing arrangement!


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